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Why you should consider Clinic Nada for your Weight Loss And Plastic Surgeries

MD.Dr. IBRAHIM Khalil 

One of the great things in this world is that we are growing and developing. When patients travel from the place they used to live to have High quality medical treatments abroad this is called MEDICAL TOURISM. It became more popular recently and we believe It’s a great chance that can change many lives worldwide. It’s not a secret to say that there are some commercial low quality healthcare providers in Turkey  AND it’s a fact that there are other high quality clinics in Turkey too.

At clinic Nada our main concern is your SAFETY and your UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. We want to share with you some keys that differentiate us from other medical travel providers

  • Our founders are doctors. They have a great vision to share what they learned during their journey and they have a deep understanding of the medical travel industry .
  • Best doctors. You can make sure that you are with the most experienced and successful doctors who can deliver the best results safely for you. 
  • In addition to our best doctors we have an experienced support team who will arrange all the details regarding your medical travel to Turkey .
  • We are doing limited Number of Surgeries per Surgeon per Day
  • We use modern technology, For example we use a special 3D simulation camera and program before Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • USA FDA approved surgical materiales 
  • Very close follow up after the surgery. You will never be alone during your journey until you reach the best result. 

We have helped many patients from the UK, Euroupe, USA, the Middle East and  worldwide and we will be happy to meet more friends from all over the world.

Meet Our Team 

To achieve SAFE and outstanding results our team is committing to the highest standards and updates. 

  • Over 5000 Successful weight loss and plastic Surgeries Performed
  • Board-Certified in corresponding especality
  • State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment .


Dr Ibrahim

Dr Ibrahim

GP / intern doctor at Prince Hamza Hospital , a Jordanian MOH hospital .

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