Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery

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Obesity is one of the most global problems in the world . unfortunately it is rising rapidly and Affected all ages from adults to childrens,
İt is not just a cosmetic concern, but it put the people at higher risk for serious diseases and health problems .

why weight loss surgery ?

There are many factors playing together as a major role to cause obesity , sedentary lifestyle , unhealthy food beside genetic issues or certain medical problem , all of them can result in one dangerous problem called “Obesity” .

İf you tried a lot to lose weight by dietary changes, physical activity or behavior and all of these things didn’t work ! you are a good candidate for weight loss surgeries .The good news is that , any weight loss amount , can make an improvement in your health risks and problems
So we are here to work hand by hand in weight loss journey starting from Bariatric surgeries options to make a real changes in your diet , activity , health and life quality .

Let us explain to you how Nada Clinic is your best choice for weight loss surgery

Types of weight loss surgeries

The major concept in weight loss surgeries divided into three main branches ; either by decrease the capacity of stomach by sleeve gastrectomy , gastric band or balloon .
Or cause decrease in the size and malabsorption at the same time like in gastric bypass procedures .
Or by prolong the food time in stomach like in gastric Botox .

Types of weight loss surgeries

To understand the difference between these surgeries we will discuss them carefully , but surely the surgeon should know your medical history , your chronic illnesses , medications and any significant complain about your health .

After that the surgeon should order a number of investigations to evaluate your case clearly , then he will discuss with you the options suitable for you .

Sleeve gastrectomy

This surgery done by removing 80% of stomach , leave a smaller part of stomach like a tube , that can provide decrease the amount of intake food , also it affects the gut hormonal changes which decreases the hormone responsible for feeling hungry (ghrelin) , so suppress hunger , promote rapid feeling of fullness and play an important role in controlling of diabetes type 2 .
It’s relatively simple surgery done under general anesthesia , need a relatively short healing rate and it’s consider safer procedure for long term in comparison with gastric band , because it requires no foreign objects .

Expected weight loss ?
Long term weight loss from 60_70% of the excessive body weight .

Duration of the procedure ?
Take 50 mins to one hour .

Method of surgery ?
Laparoscopic surgery.

Gastric balloon

İn this procedure the stomach size decrease by balloon inside the stomach , the procedure done under monitored anesthesia care , sedation in the endoscopic unite ,started by endoscope which introduce the balloon to the stomach , for our center we use the only one balloon type approved by FDA , filled with saline gradually to decrease the size of stomach .

The balloon should be removed in 6_12 months , also it’s simple procedure under sedation only and need 20 minutes to extract it , with programs to continue diet and exercise protocol.

Expected weight loss ?
İf restricted to the protocol it is expected to loss up to 30% of the excessive body weight
(But it is totally subjected issue)

Duration of the procedure ?
Take 30_40 minutes .

Additional notes ?
İt is a reversible procedure , and it is improve the health risk factors like diabetes type 2 .

Gastric Botox

İn the last years, the Botox play a major in the cosmetic medicine , and has a potential to have a large role in treatment of obesity specially for people whose on diet program but the most challenge for them is “ hunger “

the procedure done under monitored anesthesia care , sedation in the endoscopic unite , by endoscope to inject botulinum toxin in optimal calculated dose in different targeted locations of stomach wall .

Botox will decrease the stomach muscles movement , prolong the duration of food inside the stomach so feeling fullness will be prolonged resulting in decrease the number and amount of meals which induce weight loss gradually.

Expected weight loss ?
İt is individually dependent

Duration of the procedure ?
Take 20 minutes .

Additional notes ?
İt is a reversible procedure , the effect will start to disappear gradually with no need to any follow up strategy .
İt is important to know that all these information and procedures should be discuss carefully with the surgeon after individualize explanation of patient history , physical examination and investigations .

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Gastric bypass surgery or (Roux-en-y) surgery

surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.

After gastric bypass, eaten food will be delivered to a small pouch of stomach so the amount of eaten food will be decreased significantly because of new small pouch and then go directly into the small intestine, thereby bypassing most of your stomach and the first section of your small intestine.

This procedure will decrease the amount of intake food , help you to take smaller meals , by decrease the amount of absorbable calories , also by remodeling of the digestive system produces changes in gut hormones that promote satiety, suppress hunger, and reverse one of the primary mechanisms by which obesity induces type 2 diabetes.

Expected weight loss ?
Long term weight loss from 60_80% of the excessive body weight .

Duration of the procedure ?
Take 50 mins to one hour under general anesthesia .

Method of surgery ?
Laproscopic surgery.


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Dr Ibrahim

Dr Ibrahim

GP / intern doctor at Prince Hamza Hospital , a Jordanian MOH hospital .

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