The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021

In recent years, plastic surgery has spread and its popularity has increased dramatically all over the world, as people have increased their interest in their external appearance, especially women, so people resort to plastic surgery either to improve their appearance and obtain a more attractive shape or to correct abnormalities that may be congenital or acquired.

The most common plastic surgeries in 2021:

Breast lift :

With age, the skin loses its elasticity as a result of the natural demolition of collagen, which leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. Sagging breasts is one of the common problems among women, especially the elderly and who lose weight quickly, so women do breast lift surgery because it is an effective solution to get rid of the excess skin and get a more youthful appearance. Doctor make incisions in the breast, tightening the skin and sagging tissues, then removing the excess skin, finally the incisions are sutured and the chest is covered with bandages that are changed later until the wound heals, the breast lift operation is a popular operation for women, as they get the desired result effectively and with a high safety and success rate.

Fat transfer :

Many people want to get rid of wrinkles , sagging and get a more youthful body, so they resort to fat transfer, which is a common procedure between men and women, but it is more common among women, The doctor suctions fat from areas of the body that contain an excess amount of fat like thighs and re-injects it into other areas that contain wrinkles, especially the face and hands which have many wrinkles, this procedure helps to give the face a full, tight and more youthful appearance. This surgery is characterized by a high level of safety , effective and rapid results. The difference in shape can be seen after the process , so the demand for it increased a lot.

body contouring :

This operation helps in obtaining an ideal, fully tightened and more youthful body. It is includes several procedures such as: abdominoplasty, buttock lift, breast lift, liposuction and all procedures that help to tighten the body completely, the doctor will see the patient and determine the areas that should undergo the operation in consultation with the patient, then determining the procedures that the patient will undergo to obtain the required results. This operation is especially useful for individuals who suffer from sagging skin after losing weight or as a result of aging. The procedure involves tightening the sagging skin and tissues and getting rid of the excess skin . It has been very popular due to its effective results, as patients get a tight body , regain their youth and self-confidence again.


Breast augmentation :

Some women suffer from small breast size or abnormalities in the breast , may be congenital or acquired, such as asymmetry between the breasts in shape or size, Non-development of breasts, breast augmentation is a solution to these problems as the doctor makes an incision in the skin and inserts implants which is made from Silicone or salt water, it should be replaced during a certain period in consultation with the doctor, this operation is also useful in the case of light sagging breasts resulting from weight loss or aging, as it restores women’s self-confidence and gives them a more feminine appearance, it is characterized by effective and satisfactory results for the majority of women who underwent it , this is what led to its wide popularity .

The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021
The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021

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