The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021 part (2)

The demand for plastic surgery has increased in recent years, as people spend millions of dollars annually to perform these operations in order to obtain a more beautiful face or a more attractive body, some may resort to plastic surgery to correct deformities that may affect the function and movement of the organ, in this case we understand the importance of plastic surgery in correcting these distortions and restoring the level of self-confidence.

The most common plastic surgeries in 2021:

Rhinoplasty surgery :

Some people suffer from deformities in the shape of the nose, either congenital or resulting from an injury, which affects their appearance and reduces their self-confidence, the deformation of the nose also affects the function of breathing. Some deformation, such as septum deviation, can lead to breathing difficulty, so they need a nose job to correct the shape of the nose and improve respiratory function . Rhinoplasty is one of the most effective and successful operation, giving satisfactory results to most patients and restoring self-confidence in addition to correct their respiratory problems.


Facelift :

Some people suffer from sagging skin on the face, which may be due to aging, The body destroys the collagen which is responsible for giving the face its full and tighten shape, the skin on the face may sag as a result of rapid weight loss, In all cases face-lift is done by making incision around the ear which allow to tighten the skin and sagging muscles, then removing the excess skin, Eventually the wound is stitched in a cosmetic way, where no scars are left visible. As a result, we get a youthful face, as the person looks ten years younger, so this surgery became more popular .


Buttock lift :

Losing excess weight in a short period leads to the appearance of sagging in different areas of the body, especially the areas where fat accumulates a lot, like buttocks, thighs, etc. Women in particular want to perform this operation, It has gained wide fame, as the doctor, in consultation with the patient, studies the expected results and the different possibilities. The patient must inform the doctor of the form he wants to obtain and the result he expects. After performing all the necessary tests recommended by the doctor and making sure that the patient health is good , he undergo the operation .the doctor tighten the skin and saggy tissues then cut the excess skin and fat. Thus, patient get a tighter skin and a more beautiful appearance. After operation , most women express their feeling of satisfaction with their appearance and regain their self-confidence.

Laser hair removal operation :

It is considered one of the most popular and widespread operations, especially among women, as many people perform it annually because of its effective results and the high level of safety, especially if the laser is used by an expert, the heat generated by the laser light can damage the hair follicles. The laser will give the best results for people with white skin and black curly hair, the expert asks to shave the hair before undergoing the treatment session, which may last a few minutes, then the patient can return to his home immediately after the session, laser hair removal rarely causes any side effects, if it is used with an expert hand who determine the appropriate wave length and set the device settings to suit the patient , It differs for each person according to the amount of hair and skin type .

The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021 part (2)
The most popular plastic surgeries in 2021 part (2)

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