Stomach Botox Injections (Gastric Botox) part 3

Gastric Botox injections have recently become very popular as an effective weight loss procedure. It is distinguished by its low financial cost compared to other surgeries performed in the field of weight loss and obesity. Gastric Botox injections are also characterized as a simple and safe procedure that is carried out under local anesthesia and is rarely associated with side effects, which led to its prevalent spread.


Who are the candidates for gastric Botox injections?

People who are overweight and have tried various other methods of losing weight, all of which have failed, and who have a great appetite for food and are unable to overcome it, gastric Botox injections help them lose weight.

1) Age between 18 and 65 years.

2) That you do not suffer from diseases of the digestive system, such as stomach ulcers, or any disease or allergy that may prevent Botox injections and negatively affect this procedure. Therefore, the necessary examination and protocol should be carried out before the injection to ensure the safety of this procedure for the person.

3) Excess weight does not exceed 30 kilograms.

People who suffer from severe obesity are not suitable for this procedure as no significant amount of weight is lost after gastric Botox injections.


How much weight will I lose after gastric Botox injections?

During a period of about six months, a person loses about 10-15% of his weight after gastric Botox injections, depending on the healthy diet and lifestyle followed. Also, results vary between individuals according to body, age, height, weight and disease.


When can a person return home and practice his normal daily life after the injection?

The procedure of gastric Botox injections is done through laparoscopy without any incisions or surgical intervention. It is a simple and safe procedure. The patient can take a break for two hours after the injection, after which he returns to his daily life normally.


Is there a specific diet to follow after gastric Botox injections?

Gastric Botox injections, like other weight loss procedures, will show long-term results, depending on your commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle. A special diet is set for each patient by a specialized doctor, according to his condition and body, in order to get the best result from the effect of gastric Botox injections. You must get used to this diet and the health system followed even after the end of the effect of gastric Botox injections in order to maintain the weight you lost and not to gain weight and increase it again.


Is the effect of Botox injections on the stomach permanent?

The effect of Botox injections on the stomach is temporary, lasting for about six months, after which the effect of the injection fades. Therefore, a healthy diet and lifestyle must be maintained, so as not to gain weight and accumulate fat again after the effect of the injection fades.


What is the cost of gastric Botox injections?

The cost of the operation varies according to each case and is determined by the doctor. But in general, Botox injections are considered one of the very low-cost procedures compared to surgeries that are performed for the same purpose to lose weight. Also, Botox injections do not require a hospital stay, as it is a simple procedure with a low financial cost.


Do gastric Botox injections have an effect on diabetes?

Gastric Botox injections help to lose excess weight and reach an ideal weight, thus maintaining the control of the sugar level within the normal limits, as the main factor of type 2 diabetes is overweight and obesity.


Is gastric Botox injections a painful procedure?

The gastric Botox injection is done through a gastroscopy by a medical endoscope, after spreading an anesthetic substance on the larynx, then the endoscope is inserted, and during this procedure, the patient does not feel any pain. He can return to his normal daily life after this procedure without pain.

Therefore, the gastric Botox procedure is considered one of the procedures recommended by doctors for people who want to lose weight safely and comfortably and without the need to exercise strenuous exercises or follow a harsh diet, as it is one of the simple procedures that are carried out under local anesthesia.

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