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Stomach Botox injection information

Stomach Botox procedure are often applied to anyone who must reduce . This procedure isn’t considered obesity surgery. It neutralizes the motor nerves and smooth muscles of the stomach wall for an extended time , are often up to six months, causing relaxation of the stomach, reducing appetite, making the sensation of satiety extend longer and causing a decrease within the amount of food an individual eats, and thru this mechanism helps obese patients to reduce well.

Stomach Botox injection definition

Botox injection within the stomach may be a quick procedure that’s faraway from pain and safer, the rationale for this is often the of this procedure , it’s done through the utilization of an oral endoscope and no need for general anesthesia , so this procedure isn’t considered as surgery as in other procedures for the treatment of obesity

What do you know about liposuction technique? And in what cases is it used?

Stomach Botox injection benefits

* Compared to other slimming operations, the recovery rate is quicker and Botox stomach is taken into account a cushty procedure because it’s a non-surgical procedure there are not any wounds or sutures and thus we don’t need bandages
* Stomach Botox is suggested for patients with low weight gain, i.e. patients with a body mass between 28 and 40.
* Instant return to daily routine activities
* The patient’s appetite decreases after three days of the procedure and therefore the weight decreases after about 14 days. And, of course, it is a quick and spectacular result.

Stomach Botox injection benefits

Stomach Botox injection side effects

Despite the convenience of procedure and therefore the high degree of safety, Botox injections into the stomach can cause serious side effects like

  •  pain and swelling within the area of the injection
  • diplopia
  • difficulty breathing
  •  muscle weakness
  •  difficulty breathing.
  • In cases of medical error
  • In cases of medical error ,Botox may spread to other areas of the body.

Stomach Botox injection effect on digestion

Slowing the movement of the stomach is great effect of stomach Botox, so it’s going to take 10 to 12 hours for food to maneuver from the stomach to the intestine. This in fact results in an individual feeling full for an extended time.

Risks of Stomach Botox injection

Risks of Botox of stomach are includes:

  • Bleeding: this symptom may occur when abdominal injections generally , so it’s not a dangerous or alarming symptom
  • Allergy: it’s a rare complication
  •  Constipation: the patient may get constipation after this procedure, but in fact he can overcome it with a couple of drugs and laxativ

these symptoms are very rare ,and not be an impediment to gastric Botox

Complications of Stomach botox injection

This procedure is comparatively safe, complications may results of Botox injections within the stomach are very simple and straightforward to beat and Cope to unravel as compared to other procedures.


The process of injecting the abdomen step by step

The requirement of process of gastric Botox injections

the patient is taken into account at the height of need for this procedure within the following cases:
* If the patient fails to reduce using normal weight loss techniques like diet and exercise.
* If the patient suffers from a health condition associated with obesity, like Type 2 of diabetes, and in fact high vital sign .

Stomach Botox injection before care

The patient should be examined, after medical testing and body fitness testing, if the patient is eligible for botox within the abdomen, starting with an in depth medical record including blood tests , medication, and allergies.
Patients should fast 8 hours and this step must done before the injection so as to possess a positive and positive experience.

The process of injecting the abdomen step by step

  1. The doctor sometimes begins to stabilize the throat area, ensuring that the patient avoids any vomiting feeling during The surgery.
  2. No general anesthesia is required for the injection; the patient is consistently conscious of his surroundings.
  3. After the endoscope inserted into the abdomen, the doctor start to inject botox, which is found during a syringe that hangs from the top of the endoscope, in various parts of the inner walls of
  4. the abdomen, the injection is inserted into the wall muscles during a random, random, performing procedure. spend a touch .
  5.  After whole required amount of Botox is injected into the prescribed areas, the doctor removes the endoscope. leaving the hospital can be done on an equivalent day

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How long does a Botox injection last?

It takes about 20 minutes.

After Stomach Botox injection

Generally, Botox stomach injection is that the ideal solution for reducing by 10 to fifteen kilograms.
Injectable Botox operation can take up to six months, and you can take another injection after the 6 months

The recovery of Stomach botox injection

the patient doesn’t got to stay within the hospital, and may resume his or her normal life and return to figure immediately after the procedure.
This is because the procedure doesn’t require the patient to undergo general anesthesia when making the injection and

Stomach Botox injection diet

Stomach Botox diets have an equivalent general rules as healthy eating.
In these diets, we recommend eating
high-carbohydrate foods.
protein-rich foods
fiber-rich foods
Often, patients are advised to abstain from all kinds of refined sugars, like refined sugars, sweets, and chocolates. For many patients, this seems to be very difficult to try to to , but after the effect of Botox, which “decreased long-term diet and satiety” this becomes an attainable goal.

How long does a Botox injection last?

Stomach Botox injection and pregnancy

No adequate studies about this subject, but it’s advised to differ gastric Botox procedure after delivery.

Stomach Botox injection and alcohol

patients should avoid alcohol before and after the procedure, due to their impact on performance and health.

Success rate for stomach injection

In clinical studies, patients with Botox injections were followed, weight loss of about 10 pounds during the primary six months after the injection, and 6 months is typically the time when Botox is most active, as Botox stays active in your stomach for 4 to six months. before it’s physically formed and released.

Stomach Botox injection dumping syndrome

Dumping syndrome is caused by the sudden arrival of an outsized amount of food within the stomach, which occurs with some bariatric surgery but not with Botox of the abdomen.

Stomach Botox injection cost in Turkey

It ranges around $ 1,200, and it’s going to differ consistent with the health condition and therefore the program accompanying the operation.


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