Sleeve gastrectomy part (3)

Millions of people around the world suffer from obesity, which is one of the largest health problems in the world, as it leads to many diseases such as: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility, high blood cholesterol, sleep obstructive apnea ,and others. Obesity also affects the psychological health of individuals, as it leads to a loss of self-confidence , a feeling of embarrassment and others . The laparoscopic stomach reduction is one of the most effective operations in getting rid of excess weight, as it is characterized by a high success rate in addition, it is non-surgical, as the operation is performed by a laparoscopic without the need for large incisions.

Types of gastric sleeve

1. Total sleeve:

Where the stomach is completely removed, the patient resorts to a total sleeve gastrectomy if he has some malignant or benign stomach cancers such as stomach cancer, where the doctor examines the patient and determines whether he needs this procedure or not.

2. Partial sleeve:

Where a part of the stomach is removed for therapeutic purposes, such as stomach ulcers and stomach infections .

3. Laparoscopic sleeve:

It is the one that is done to get rid of the excess weight. as a part of the stomach is cut and removed.

4. Advanced Laparoscopic Sleeve:

It is one of the latest procedures of losing weight, as small incisions are made in the abdomen through which the laparoscopic is inserted to surround the stomach with a special medical ring, The function of this ring is to prevent the stomach from expanding and increasing its size, thus preventing obesity and weight gain.

Recommended diet after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery:

The first period :

This stage lasts for a week after the laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery. At this stage, the patient adheres to liquid diet, as he can drink water and sugar-free liquids such as soup. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

The second period :

It lasts for 10 days. At this period, the patient can eat foods that contain small amounts of protein, about 20%.

third period :

At this period, the patient is committed to eating protein-rich foods such as meat and fish.

The fourth period :

This stage begins after four weeks of laparoscopic gastric reduction, where the patient can eat most types of foods he desires, such as fruits, meat, dairy products, and others.

Laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of plastic surgery, especially surgeries that aim to get rid of excess weight , as Turkey is a destination that thousands of people from all countries go to annually for treatment. The success rate of gastric reduction surgery in Turkey is very high, Because Turkey includes many hospitals and health centers that contain the latest medical devices and modern technologies, in addition to the fact that Turkey have the best doctors in the world and the most experienced and skilled. The cost of plastic surgeries and weight loss operations such as laparoscopic gastric reduction is very appropriate compared to other countries, as Turkey is characterized by the low cost of operations in it, although it provides the best medical services so it becomes a strong competitor to Europe, thousands of people from different countries travel to it annually. It is the first destination for doing plastic surgeries and weight loss operations.
Therefore, the gastric sleeve operation is an effective solution to get rid of obesity .

Sleeve gastrectomy part (3)
Sleeve gastrectomy part (3)


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