Sleeve gastrectomy part (2)

Perhaps the best thing that helps in losing excess weight quickly and effectively is the surgical procedures, the most important of which is the sleeve gastrectomy, which has spread widely around the world and has become very common. As the gastric sleeve operation helps to lose weight in the long term, it is possible to lose more than 50% of your excess weight, this also depends on the habits and lifestyle after the sleeve gastrectomy operation.


What are the indirect benefits of gastric reduction surgery?

Laparoscopic gastric reduction is one of the most important operations of losing weight , obesity leads to many diseases, so this operation helps to getting rid of excess weight and the accompanying diseases , which are considered life-threatening. The most important of these risks are:
1. Vascular diseases and high arterial pressure.
2. Type II diabetes .
3. Obstructive sleep apnea.
4. Infertility.
5. High blood cholesterol.
6. Heart diseases such as: atherosclerosis and heart attack .
7. Joint degeneration, especially the knee joint, due to the increased load on the joints.
8. Increased risk of blood clots .
We find that the gastric sleeve operation leads to weight loss and have a healthy body and prevent diseases related to overweight .


After laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery:

• You must adhere to the healthy recommended lifestyle , a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to have the ideal weight and not to gain weight again.
• A liquid diet must be followed for a week after the operation, as the patient must drinks only fluids for seven days, such as: water and juices, different types of soup.
• Eating soft foods for three weeks after the liquid diet, such as cheese, fruits and chicken.
• After four weeks, you can eat different types of foods.
• Take vitamins and calcium supplements recommended by the doctor.
• Do not eat large amounts of food.
• Vitamin B12 injection every month for life.
• Periodic medical examinations to monitor the patient’s health after the operation.
• Take antacids prescribed by the doctor in case of burning sensation.
• You may have sagging skin as a result of losing a large amount of weight. In this case, you can undergo a skin tightening operation in order to get rid of sagging and excess skin.


Is laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery considered a simple procedure?

Usually, you will not undergo laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery before you try to lose weight by traditional methods such as diet and regular exercise, if you fail to lose your excess weight by this methods, you can undergo this operation, because the laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery is a surgical operation performed under general anesthesia, It have several risks, such as:
1} bleeding.
2} Leakage from the stomach that has been cut, and a fistula may form as well.
3} Respiratory disorders and problems in the lungs.
4} Risks related to general anesthesia.


What are the features of gastric reduction surgery?

1) It do not leave scars, as small incisions around the stomach are made, through which a laparoscopic is inserted in order to cut the stomach. Then the incisions are stitched in a cosmetic way that does not leave any scars at all.
2) The quick recovery after the operation, where the patient leave the hospital on the same day or the next day and returns to his normal life.
3) It can be performed by a gastroscopy, and this case does not need any surgical incisions, thus avoiding the risk of infection and inflammation in addition to not leaving any scars.

Sleeve gastrectomy part (2)
Sleeve gastrectomy part (2)


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