Sleeve Gastrectomy part 2

Obesity is a common global health problem that leads to many physical diseases and mental disorders. The harsh diet and regular exercise may not work for some obese people, so surgical operations are then resorted to effectively losing excess weight and reaching the ideal body. Perhaps one of the most important surgical operations performed with the aim of losing weight are sleeve gastrectomy, which were very popular during the recent period. The latter has had great success in losing excess weight.

When the large quantities of food and meals are the problem you suffer and are the main reason for your weight gain, the sleeve gastrectomy operation is the best procedure to lose weight, as it depends mainly on reducing the size of your stomach, where 80% of it is cut in the sleeve gastrectomy operation and thus you will feel full after eating small amounts of food, the size of your meals will decrease due to the rapid filling of the small part of your stomach remaining after the sleeve gastrectomy operation.  


What are the conditions of the sleeve gastrectomy  operation?

1) To be over 18 years old.

2) Obese people with a BMI of more than 35.

3) That the person does not suffer from diseases in parts of the digestive system, such as the esophagus and stomach, such as peptic ulcers.


What are the indirect benefits of sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most important operations to lose weight and get rid of fatness and excessive obesity that leads to many diseases and thus getting rid of excess weight leads to reducing health problems and disorders related to weight gain, which are considered life-threatening. These risks that we will get rid of by losing excess weight include:

1- Vascular diseases and arterial hypertension.

2- Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

3- Obstructive sleep apnea.

4- Infertility.

5- High blood cholesterol.  

Sleeve gastrectomy leads to weight loss and enjoyment of an ideal and healthy body and protects against life-threatening risks and diseases related to being overweight.

Usually, you will not undergo a sleeve gastrectomy operation before you try the traditional methods of losing weight such as strict diet and regular exercise, and these methods fail to lose your weight.


Is sleeve gastrectomy surgery considered a simple procedure?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a major surgery that is performed under general anesthesia and comes with many risks, such as:

1) bleeding.

2) Leakage from the edge of the stomach that has been cut, and a fistula may also appear.

3) Respiratory disorders and problems in the lungs.

4) Risks related to general anesthesia.


How long does the sleeve gastrectomy surgery take?

The sleeve gastrectomy operation extends from about two to four hours, according to each case, in which more than two-thirds of the stomach is cut.  


Is it possible to gain back excess weight again after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Yes, it is possible for the excess weight to return if an unhealthy diet rich in high calories is followed such as fast foods, ready-made sweetened drinks, soft drinks, chocolate…etc.


Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic and obesity operations, as it is a destination for people from all countries. The success rate of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey is very high. The cost of plastic surgeries and bariatric surgeries, such as sleeve gastrectomy, is very reasonable compared to other countries. Therefore, thousands of people from different parts of the world travel annually to Turkey to visit its hospitals, as it is the first destination for plastic surgeries and obesity operations.  

We conclude from this article that the sleeve gastrectomy operation is one of the common and effective operations in losing excess weight and getting rid of obesity, which is a global health problem followed by many diseases such as diabetes, high pressure, infertility and other psychological disorders as well, such as embarrassment, introversion and loss of self-confidence. Therefore, the sleeve gastrectomy operation is an effective solution to get rid of obesity and the subsequent physical and psychological diseases. 

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