Sleeve gastrectomy

Obesity is a global health problem, leading to many diseases in addition to its impact on the Individual psychological health. A diet and regular exercise may not work for some obese people, so they resort to surgeries to lose excess weight. Perhaps the most important surgeries for losing weight is the sleeve gastrectomy or the laparoscopic gastric reduction operation, which has become very popular in the recent years and has achieved great success, as it helps to lose weight effectively and reach the ideal body, in addition , it can be performed by using laparoscopic without the need for big incisions .


What is the sleeve gastrectomy or laparoscopic gastric reduction?

It is a surgical operation that aims to reduce the size of the stomach, it can be performed in a surgical or non-surgical way by laparoscopy, according to each case. A large part of the stomach is cut and disposed of, so the stomach is transformed into a small tube with a capacity of only about 100 ml.


Laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery reduces the risk of developing the following diseases:

1. Reduce the risk of cancer.
2. Reduces the risk of PCOS in women.
3. The risk of migraine .
4. Depression and different psychological and social problems.
5. Infertility.
6. Low testosterone: The laparoscopic gastric reduction leads to an increase in the level of testosterone.
7. Urinary incontinence.
8. Reduce the risk of gout.

Before laparoscopic gastric reduction:

• The tests requested by the doctor should be done, such as: measuring blood sugar level, blood functions, liver functions, kidney functions, measuring the level of thyroxine hormone to ensure the safety of thyroid functions.
• Abdominal ray image .
• The doctor may request an electrocardiogram and chest X-ray in some cases.
• The age must be over 18 years old.
• Stop smoking for three months before the operation.
• Informing the doctor of all the diseases that the patient suffers from and the medications he is taking.
• Drink a lot of water, eat proteins, and avoid food rich in fats and carbohydrates.
• Fasting for 24 hours before the operation.
• Stopping medications that affect blood to prevent bleeding.


Should pregnancy be avoided after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery?

Pregnancy should be avoided for at least one year after the operation, in order to ensure the safety of pregnancy and that the pregnant will not exposed to any risks, as the body needs time to adapt to the new stomach size.
When can the patient walk and exercise after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery?
The patient can walk two hours after undergoing the operation for several minutes and then return to rest. Early walking helps in preventing some complications such as deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolus. After three days of the operation, the patient can walk for about half an hour, and after two months of the operation the patient can practice all activities and exercises safely.


Long-term risks of laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery:

• the occurrence of a hernia.
• gastroesophageal reflux disease and burning sensation.
• Low blood sugar level.
• frequent vomiting and malnutrition.


Does laparoscopic stomach reduction cause pain?

Laparoscopic stomach reduction usually does not cause pain because it is performed by laparoscopy, it does not need large incisions, in addition to the quick recovery period, it may cause mild pain in some cases, painkillers can be taken if you feel that you need them.

Thus, we find that the laparoscopic stomach reduction is one of the most important operations to lose excess weight, as it leads to a loss 60% or more of your excess weight within two years, this is what led to its widespread .

Sleeve gastrectomy
Sleeve gastrectomy

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