Rhinoplasty part 1

Recently, plastic surgeries have spread widely in various countries of the world, especially in Turkey, where rhinoplasty is considered one of the most popular and most prevalent operations lately, as the motive behind rhinoplasty is to change the appearance of the nose or improve breathing or both.

When do we resort to rhinoplasty?

1- For cosmetic reasons only:

that is, when the patient wants to change the shape of his nose, according to his personal desire and aspirations, and what he deems appropriate for his features, such as changing the shape of the nostrils and making them appear shorter or longer, or others.

2- Therapeutic and medical reasons:

When undergoing rhinoplasty is a necessary procedure as a result of a deformation in the shape of the nose that affects the person’s psyche and interaction with the environment around him, this deformity may be congenital, meaning that the person suffers from birth, or a deformity has occurred as a result of an accident or injury, this deformity can also lead to difficulty in breathing through the nose, which makes undergoing this operation a must.

What are the methods of performing rhinoplasty?

1) Open rhinoplasty:

It is the traditional method where an incision is made in a visible way between the nostrils, through which this operation is performed, and then the incision is closed using thin surgical threads.
Open rhinoplasty is usually used when we want to make major changes in the structure of the nose, including bones and cartilage, as it allows more space and more freedom to work.

2) Closed rhinoplasty:

It is the best cosmetically and the latest, where surgical incisions are made from inside the nostrils, i.e. from inside the nostrils, and not through the openings as in the open method, i.e. in the closed rhinoplasty, the surgical incisions through which the operation is performed are not visible, and therefore they are much better aesthetically and do not leave any visible scars at all.
Closed rhinoplasty is used when we want to make simple changes to the nose that are limited to restructuring the cartilage and the front part of the nose.

Can rhinoplasty make a change in the voice?

Rhinoplasty can affect the voice, causing slight changes that can be noticed by patients themselves, but they are very simple changes and do not have any impact on a person’s life.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Turkey is among the world’s first ranks in the cosmetic world, where thousands of people from different countries come to perform plastic surgeries annually, especially rhinoplasty, as Turkey is considered one of the developed countries that keeps pace with the developments in the cosmetic world, and has the latest technologies, equipment and medical devices, in addition to the low cost of cosmetic operations in it compared to other countries.
Rhinoplasty in Turkey is considered one of the very successful operations, as its success rate in Turkish hospitals is more than 90%, which makes people go to Turkey from all over the world as a country with high reliability in the field of cosmetics and medicine in general.
Thus, rhinoplasty has revolutionized the world of cosmetics, especially with the development of medicine and modern science, as it has solved the problem of many people who were born with deformities in the nose, or who had deformities during wars or as a result of various accidents, thus restoring their confidence in themselves.

Rhinoplasty part 1
Rhinoplasty part 1

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