Plastic surgeries prices in Turkey 2021

Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in various fields, especially in general and plastic surgery. Turkey includes many hospitals and health centers equipped with the latest medical and surgical technologies, also doctors in Turkey are among the best and most experienced doctors.

How can Turkey attract large numbers of people annually?

Turkey is one of the most countries interested in developing the tourism sector, as the government is working hard to provide a lot of facilities and support to the owners of different tourism projects such as tourist resorts, hotels and beauty centers, as the largest group of tourists who visit Turkey go to beauty centers to perform plastic surgeries , This is why the Government has given attention to this area, offering all possible facilities to encourage doctors to open more beauty centers . Turkey made great progress in a short period of time and was able to attract increasing numbers of people annually.


The costs of plastic surgeries in Turkey 2021:

Facelift in Turkey :

Some people suffer from sagging skin on the face, which may be due to aging, The body destroys the collagen which is responsible for giving the face its full and tighter shape, may the skin on the face sag as a result of rapid weight loss, In all cases face-lift is done by tightening the skin and sagging muscles, then removing the excess skin, As a result, we get a youthful face, as the person looks ten years younger, so this surgery became more popular .The cost of face-lift In Turkey is from 1000 to 3500 dollars.

Liposuction in Turkey:

Obesity and overweight are among the most common and most dangerous health problems, because obesity affects the health of the individual and leads to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, joint degeneration, and others. Liposuction is considered one of the most effective procedures in removing the accumulated fat in the body, Lipids can be suctioned from different areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, breast, back, etc. Liposuction is characterized by a high success rate and immediate results, as the patient loses the accumulated fat in his body and gets the body he wants without the need to exercise or following a diet, this is what made it preferred by many. The cost of liposuction in Turkey is from 1800 to 4000 dollars.

Breast reduction in Turkey:

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most effective operations in reducing breast size, as some women suffer from an inconsistent increase in the size of the breast with the rest of the body, which causes them to feel embarrassed in addition to its impact on the health of the body and the spine. Excess weight may cause pain in the spine , pressure on the chest wall and heaviness in movement. Sweating under the breast and great friction may cause skin problems. Therefore, women undergo breast reduction surgery, and most of them express their satisfaction with the results after the operation as they regain their self-confidence and feel more comfortable while performing daily work .The cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey is 2000 to 2400 dollars.

Plastic surgeries prices in Turkey 2021
Plastic surgeries prices in Turkey 2021

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