Plasma injection for the face : side effects and cost

With the development of science and medicine and modern medical discoveries, many benefits of plasma were discovered in the field of cosmetics, so it began to be widely used and its popularity increased; It is a safe non-surgical procedure that does not require general anesthesia and has very effective cosmetic results and many uses such as the face, hands and scalp.


How is the preparation for plasma injections done?

1) It is preferable to perform some tests before the injection, such as: general blood count and platelet count.

2) Evaluation of the area to be injected and examine it by the doctor.

3) Stopping the medications that affect the bleeding of the blood.

4) Investigate the presence of some chronic diseases such as: some skin infections and type II diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, as it is not recommended to perform plasma injections for these cases because of the risks that may accompany them.

5) Taking pictures of the area to be injected before and after the injection in order to compare and evaluate the results.

6) Ensure that the area to be injected is clean and free of any cosmetics.

7) Skin cleanliness, as the face must be washed well before this procedure.


Are there other uses for plasma?

Plasma has many uses, and it has spread a lot in recent times, and its results are very effective and their benefits are great:

1) Face: Plasma gives impressive results when injected into the face, as it gives freshness to the skin and helps to unify color and remove pigmentation. It also fills the skin and helps reduce wrinkles and lines. The main function of plasma in this case is to stimulate the production and formation of new cells and the renewal of damaged tissues.

2) Hands: Plasma injections in the hands lead to tightening wrinkles and getting younger hands.

3) Hair: Plasma stimulates hair growth to get thicker, stronger and more vibrant hair.

4) Circles under the eyes: Plasma injections help to get rid of dark circles around the eyes.

5) Lips: Plasma injections into the lips give them a natural pink color, where the color of the lips becomes beautiful and attractive.

6) Plasma is used as a treatment for alopecia and hair loss.

7) Accelerate the healing process after various sports injuries.

8) Reducing scars

9) Plasma is used to relieve tendon and joint pain, thus reducing the need to use pharmacological analgesics.


Can other materials be injected into the face with plasma?

Yes, as some prefer this to obtain the advantages of plasma injection in stimulating the skin and gradually renewing it in the long term with the immediate and rapid effect of other materials that fill the voids and obtain a more youthful skin free of fine lines and wrinkles.


What is the cost of plasma injections for the face?

Plasma injection is an inexpensive cosmetic procedure compared to cosmetic surgical procedures. The cost varies according to each case and according to the doctor, and the number of sessions required also plays a role in determining the cost.


What are the disadvantages and damages of plasma injection to the face?

Plasma injections for the face are considered a very safe procedure, as the plasma is extracted from the person’s own blood, so it is considered safe and it is not possible to cause an allergic reaction to it and its harmful effects are very few:


Recovery period after plasma injection for the face

In most cases, the recovery period after plasma injection does not exceed two days.

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