Plasma injection for the face :How it is done and what are the benefits

Plasma injection for the face is a very effective technique, in which the blood plasma found in the patient’s own blood is used, with its various proteins, vitamins and minerals, as it stimulates the skin to produce collagen and restore freshness, vitality and youth.


How is plasma obtained?

1) A blood sample is drawn from the person wishing to perform the plasma injection.

2) The blood sample is placed in a special tube that contains substances that prevent blood clotting.

3) The blood tube is placed in a special device that separates the components of the blood from each other, as the transparent liquid plasma floats and leukocytes, red blood cells, and cells are deposited and accumulate at the bottom of the tube.

4) The plasma is withdrawn from the tube using a special needle.

5) After a good sterilization of the required place, the plasma is injected.


How is plasma injected?

Plasma injection is a simple procedure that does not require anesthesia, as it is done using a special small needle and injected into the skin. Before the injection, the doctor studies the situation and determines the areas to be injected as needed. Then the doctor injects small amounts of plasma into multiple points of the identified areas. The duration of one session may not exceed half an hour. A person may need several sessions to get the desired result, and this is what the doctor determines.


What are the benefits of plasma injections for the face?

1) Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles as they fill in the voids and hollows.

2) Stimulating collagen production and renewing the skin to become more elastic and show a more youthful appearance.

3) Unification of skin color and removal of effects resulting from the sun.

4) Get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

5) Getting rid of acne scars.

6) Get fresher and brighter skin.

7) Nourishing and moisturizing the skin, as plasma is rich in proteins, minerals and materials necessary to nourish the skin.

8) Hide large pores and remove them.

9) Supply lips and get more attractive lips.

10) Increases the thickness and strength of the skin.


What are the problems that face plasma injections treat?

1) Wrinkles and fine lines, where plasma works to get rid of them through nutrition and filling cavities and voids, thus obtaining a more youthful appearance.

2) Scars, marks and pits on the skin after getting rid of acne and treating it

3) Dryness and roughness of the facial skin, as the plasma moisturizes the skin, increases its vitality, and restores its soft texture.

4) Thinning in the skin of the face where the plasma works to nourish the skin and make it more strong and elastic.

5) The darkening of the face color and the color differences in the skin, as it works to unify the color and obtain a brighter face.

6) Dull facial skin where plasma injections give freshness to the face

7) Dark circles around the eyes, as the plasma works to get rid of them and unify the color of the facial skin.

8) Dull lips, as plasma injections into the lips make them more attractive and stronger in color as they make them more pink .

9) Clear large pores.


How many sessions are needed to obtain the required results from facial plasma injections?

The number of sessions varies from person to person according to each case, as this is determined by the doctor after examination. But the average number of sessions may be between 3 to 4 sessions, with an interval of about a month between each session and the other.


Is plasma injection for the face a safe procedure?

Yes, facial plasma injection is a safe and simple procedure, as it is done without anesthesia or under local anesthesia without making any incisions. Also, the plasma is taken from the blood of the same person and therefore cannot cause any allergic reaction or harm. It is safe, natural nutritious substances extracted from the patient’s own blood.

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