Plasma injection for the face : frequently asked questions

Plasma injections into the skin gives it freshness and youth, and if injected into the scalp, it leads to nourishing the scalp and obtaining more vibrant, strong and dense hair. Plasma works to stimulate collagen production, activate cell division and form new cells, in addition to nourishing the cells, to finally get a more youthful and vibrant appearance.


What is plasma?

Plasma is the transparent liquid that floats on the surface of the blood sedimentation tube, where red and white blood cells, platelets and others are deposited to be removed later; where the plasma is obtained from the blood of the person wishing to inject the plasma, after clarification and disposal of the sediment (red blood cells, etc.), and it is a liquid rich in salts and nutritious proteins.


What are the benefits of plasma? And what is its mechanism of action?

1) Plasma stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and vitality of the skin, as it decreases with age.

2) It stimulates cell division and proliferation and the production of new cells.

3) Plasma is rich in various proteins and minerals that serve to nourish cells.


What are the advantages of plasma injection for the face?

1) It is a simple and safe procedure, non-surgical, does not require anesthesia and this is what led to its wide popularity as it became very desirable.

2) Its low financial cost, compared to the rest of the cosmetic procedures that are performed for the same purpose.

3) It is not accompanied by any allergic reaction or side effects, as the plasma is taken from the person’s own blood, so there is no need to conduct a sensitivity test before the injection.

4) You do not need a large number of sessions to obtain satisfactory cosmetic results. Plasma injection is one of the procedures whose results appear quickly.

5) It is not accompanied by risks and side effects.

6) Plasma injections have many and varied therapeutic and cosmetic uses.

7) It does not require a surgical incision and does not leave any scars.

8) Complications associated with plasma injections are very rare.


How effective is plasma injections in getting rid of facial wrinkles?

The plasma fills the voids and fills the cavities, thus removing wrinkles and fine lines. As for severe sagging and large deep wrinkles, they cannot be removed with plasma injections, but the best measure for them is surgical intervention and face-lift.


Are there other materials that are injected into the face other than plasma?

Yes, there are many materials used for cosmetic purposes, and they are injected into the face, but they differ from plasma in that plasma is characterized by its effect on collagen production, stimulating cell division and skin renewal, and not only filling cavities and voids to remove wrinkles, while other materials may be harsh and its mechanism of action depends on filling the voids only and cannot interact with tissues or stimulate them. Plasma is also characterized as being extracted from the person’s own blood. It is not possible to cause any allergies, unlike other substances.


Are the results of plasma injections for the face permanent?

The results of plasma injections are not permanent, most patients may need to re-inject after a period determined by the doctor, as this type of injection may not last more than 9 months.


Who are the people who should avoid the plasma injection procedure?

There are some cases in which the doctor advises not to undergo plasma injections, as the person is not qualified for this procedure due to certain diseases.


Do the results of plasma injections for the face appear directly?

The final results of the plasma injections do not appear directly, as the plasma does not only work to fill the voids, but it has the ability to interact with tissues and stimulate them, as it activates cell division, rejuvenates the skin and increases collagen production to obtain more fresh and elastic skin, and this effect needs time until the final result appears.

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