Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 1

The hand is the mirror of the person. It expresses ourselves and reflects vitality and youth. It is widely used in communicating with people, it performs many different daily functions and activities, so it is the most vulnerable to injury and harm, it is the most exposed part of the body. Therefore, it is exposed to the sun . Hand beautification is one of the most popular cosmetic operations, especially for women, it aims to increase the beauty of the hands.

What are the cases that require hand beautification?

Over time and with multiple exposure to the sun , other external influences and friction , the hands may lose a lot of their beauty and many changes will occur, the most important of which are:
1) Darkening of the color of the hands, due to the increase in the pigment melanin, which is the pigment in the skin responsible for its color, as exposure to the sun is one of the most common causes of dark skin.
2) The appearance of wrinkles and lines in different areas of the body, especially the hands, with age, the thickness of the fatty layer that supports the skin will decrease, the skin appears thin and flabby, and the elasticity of the skin decreases due to the natural loss of collagen with age.
3) The blood vessels may become prominently visible on the hands.
4)Dryness and roughness of the skin.
5) The thinness of the skin where the thickness decreases.
6) pale skin .

What are the expected results after hand cosmetic surgery?

There are many procedures that you can be undergone to obtain more youthful and attractive hands, including surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures. The most important results desired or expected to be obtained after these procedures:
1} Hand tightening, as a result of getting rid of wrinkles and excess saggy skin that occurs due to aging, and thus we get tighter and more youthful hands.
2} Lightening the color of the skin of the hands by getting rid of dark spots and color pigmentation, because with age and exposure to the sun for many years, aging spots appear, also called age spots which appear on the hands, shoulders and arms due to the increased production of melanin and its accumulation, the hands are the most exposed parts of the body to the sun as a result of not covering them, So UV radiation speeds up melanin production, which is the natural form that gives skin color.
3} Restoring the functions of the hand and its natural movements, which were lost as a result of injury or congenital deformity, cosmetic processes in this situation are functionally and aesthetically necessary as well.
4} Have a fuller and more fresh hand, as the skin with age becomes more dehydrated, scaly and wrinkled, and the fatty layer under the skin that supports the skin becomes more thin.

Anesthesia in hand beautification

In surgical hand beautification, we need general anesthesia, which is done by an anesthesiologist, but if the hands are beautified by non-surgical procedures such as laser and injections, they may need local anesthesia only and may not need anesthesia at all.

Recovery period after hand plastic surgery

When the procedure is performed by the surgical way under general anesthesia, then the recovery period may be longer and may last for two months, during which the patient adheres to the doctor’s recommendations such as prescription and exchange of bandages and others.
If the hand beautification was done with a simple, non-surgical procedure such as injections, whether filler or mesotherapy Or by laser, then the hands need a very short recovery period.

Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 1
Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 1

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