Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 2

With age, the skin of the hands begins to lose its elasticity and collagen gradually, so wrinkles and sagging appear, in addition to the fact that wounds, accidents and injuries to the hands may leave permanent scars, all of this affects the appearance and beauty of the hands, it is also possible for a person to be born with deformities or congenital defects in the hands, all of this requires undergoing plastic operations to repair defects and obtain more beautiful, attractive and youthful hands. The effect of plastic surgeries on the hand is not limited to the formal and aesthetic aspect only, but also affects the movement and function of the hands. Some accidents may affect the function of the hand, completely disrupting or partially affected.

What are the ways to beautify the hands?

1} Surgical hand beautification.
2} Restoring the functions of the hands by correcting deformities surgically.
3} Getting rid of excess skin and sagging, where the skin of the hands is tightened and wrinkles are surgically removed.
4} Getting rid of excess hair on the hands using a laser.
5} Remove dark spots and pigmentation using a laser.
6} Lightening the color of the skin and giving it freshness and getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation by injecting meso.
7} Getting rid of scars and traces of wounds using laser.
8} Skin tightening and wrinkle removal using laser.

What are the procedures that doctors recommend to reduce hand wrinkles and get younger hands?

1} If the wrinkles are light, it is possible to use special preparations that contain retinol, as this substance can rebuild damaged cells in the skin, reduce wrinkles and get rid of lines. It also treat pigmentation, lighten and hydrated the skin, it is recommended to use it before sleep .
2} Chemical peeling, which can also be used to the face and neck, because its use is not limited to the hands, it is can reduce wrinkles and get rid of lines and also reduces pigmentation and freckles.
Chemical peeling makes the skin sensitive to sunlight, an effective and strong sunscreen should be used after peeling, Reducing exposure to the sun as much as possible.
3} Laser, with the development of science and medicine, the development of technologies and modern devices, laser has become one of the most effective used in the beautification of hands, as the laser helps to get rid of wrinkles of the hands by stimulating the skin to produce collagen that works to tighten the face and gives the skin its flexibility to look more youthful
4} Filler injection, which is one of the latest procedures that have gained great popularity in recent times, as the skin of the dorsal side of the hands becomes less thick and loses its elasticity with age and the fatty layer responsible for supporting the skin decreases, so the filler injection removes wrinkles by filling wrinkles and supporting the subcutaneous layer.
5} Miso injection.
6} Plasma injection.

Thus, we find that hand beautification is one of the most effective and safe operations, as it is characterized by a high success rate and is considered one of the simple operations. Most patients get the results they wanted and express their satisfaction after the operation, where they get hands free of wrinkles, spots, pigmentation and They regain their youth and self-confidence, so it has become one of the most popular operations, as many people perform it annually.

Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 2
Laser hand beautification makes you more elegant part 2

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