Laser hair removal part 1

Laser hair removal is one of the most common techniques not only for women but also for men, the laser removes hair in different areas of the body, the most important of which are the chest, abdomen, underarms and others. The light of the laser target the melanin cells and Damaging hair follicles to prevent their growth again or delay their growth.
Before the laser was widely used in cosmetic centers and recognized as an effective and safe way to remove excess hair, it underwent a trial period of 20 years to prove its effectiveness and success. Recently, lasers for home use and self-treatment have become available on the market.


How does laser hair removal work?

The heat emitted by the light of laser prevents hair growth by damaging its follicles. Each case is studied and doctor determine the part of body which need laser then doctor determine the appropriate wavelength and the laser pulse features, then set device settings to get the best results.


How to prepare for laser hair removal ?

• Each case is studied , in consultation between the patient and the doctor, the areas which need laser are determined, according to the characteristics of the hair and skin.
• You must tell the doctor about the diseases you suffer from and the medicines you are taking.
• Before the therapy, the hair must be shaved using the razor , Do not wax the hair.

What are the steps of laser hair removal?

1) To decrease the pain , a local anesthetic is used , especially in the sensitive areas such as the face and upper thighs.
2) The laser is used to remove hair in the determined area.
3) One session may take several minutes, this varies according to the area to be treated and the amount of hair, often we will need several sessions to reach the desired result.


What are the side effects that may occur when using laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal has certain conditions and rules, where each case is studied to determine the appropriate wavelength of light and set the pulse settings to achieve the desired result with the least possible damage and the least side effects, side effects rarely occur if the laser was modern and is used with an expert hand under the supervision of a specialist doctor, side effects take a few days to disappear, the most important of which are:
1) Local pain where the laser is used.
2) Skin redness and irritation.
3) Infection and inflammation.
4) Bubbles may form where the laser is used.
5) Peeling the skin.
6) Itching may occur.
7) Edema and swelling.
8) A change in the color of the skin.


Does the effect of laser differ according to the quality of the hair and the skin ?

The effect and effectiveness of the laser varies according to the kind of the hair and skin, as melanin is the natural pigment found in the hair and skin which is responsible for giving each person his own hair and skin color, dark hair (which is brown or black) is the most affected by the laser and gives ideal results as it completely and selectively absorbs the light emitted by the laser , it works best for people with black curly hair so people who have white skin and dark hair get the best and most effective results.

Laser hair removal part 1
Laser hair removal part 1


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