Laser hair removal part (2)

The laser is considered one of the safest and most effective procedures, as it is characterized by a high success rate. The laser aims to remove excess hair of different areas of the body, according to the desire of each person. The laser has gained wide popularity in recent years due to its effective results.


Does the results of laser hair removal permeant ?

The laser reduce the amount of hair permanently. Sometimes, after the completion of all sessions, some hair may reappear, so it is necessary to do a laser session every specific time. the laser does not lead to permanent removal of all hair.


Why do some people not get the desired results after laser hair removal?

1) The effect of the laser varies from person to person, as it gives a good result for white people who have dark hair because dark hair selectively absorbs laser light, unlike black people or people who have white or blond hair, they do not get the best results.
2) If the device is set incorrectly, or if the device is used by an inexperienced hand, the effect of the laser varies according to the person’s skill in sitting the device and using it in the best way .
3) The effect of the laser varies according to the laser. With the progress of science and the development of modern technologies and devices, many types of laser devices have appeared.
4) If the option of using the laser is not suitable for treating the patient .
A study was done in Turkey to compare the results of laser hair removal with the results of other devices
In 2000, in one of the centers, an experiment was done to compare the results on 12 people, where the Alexandrite laser was used on the first group and electrolysis devices for hair removal on the second group. The study showed that the Alexandrite laser is the most successful in hair removal, as it is characterized by the rapid appearance of results ,60 times faster, less pain, and more effective results than electrolysis devices.


What are the standards adopted in determining the number of laser sessions?

1) The number of sessions varies according to the area , for example, the face needs more sessions than others.
2) Skin kind, where the number of sessions varies according to skin color. white skin needs fewer sessions.
3) According to the type of hair and its amount, as dark curly hair is more responsive to the laser, it needs fewer sessions.
4) The number of sessions varies according to gender.
5) The number of sessions also varies according to the type of laser .


After the laser session:

After the laser session, redness and swelling often appear, which disappears within a few hours after the session. It is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun . The patient can go home immediately after the session.


Who are the people banned from using lasers?

People who suffer from skin infections , the skin must be treated completely before doing laser.


What is the number of laser sessions needed to remove hair?

In general, the number of sessions depends on several factors, the most important of which are the area, skin type, hair type and the type of laser, in general, most patients need at least 6 sessions to get rid of hair.


How long should you separate laser sessions?

There should be a period of time between sessions , not less than three weeks, this period varies according to the area , the type of hair, skin type and type of laser, the hair growth cycle plays an important part as well.


Is laser hair removal painful?

Yes, the use of laser hair removal can cause pain, the level of pain varies according to the pain threshold of each person and the sensitivity of each area, so local anesthetic can be used before doing laser .

Laser hair removal part (2)
Laser hair removal part (2)


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