Laparoscopic Gastric bypass part 4

Obesity is one of the most prevalent global problems, affecting different aspects of an individual’s life and hampers the progress of societies. Excess weight leads to an increase in the load on the body, especially the joints. In the long term, the person suffers from degeneration of the joints, especially the knee joint, which affects a person’s movement as he faces difficulty in performing his daily activities,  perhaps one of the most effective and safest solutions in getting rid of excess weight is the laparoscopic stomach reduction surgery, as it has gained great popularity in the recent period,  the number of people who perform it is increasing every year, It helps to lose weight safely without the need for exercise.


What is the mechanism of weight loss in sleeve gastrectomy?

The gastric sleeve operation leads to a decrease in the amount of food eaten by the patient, as the size of the stomach decreases to become about 20% of its original size.

The gastric sleeve operation also leads to a decrease in the feeling of hunger, due to the cutting of the part responsible for secreting the hunger hormone from the stomach.


Is it possible to gain weight after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery?

Yes, it is possible for a person to gain excess weight again if he does not adhere to a healthy lifestyle and doctor’s recommendations and eat unhealthy food rich in high calories and fats such as fast food, sweetened beverages, soft drinks, chocolate…etc.


What are the side effects of gastric reduction surgery?

Laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery is rarely associated with serious side effects if it is performed by an expert doctor. Among the side effects that may occur and that disappear within a short period are:

1} A person may suffer from stomach pain and discomfort during the first two weeks,  the doctor then recommends taking painkillers.

2} In the first week, a feeling of nausea and vomiting may occur, Indigestion may also occur and burn in the esophagus.

3} If a healthy diet and lifestyle recommended by the  doctor is not followed, the person may suffer from other health problems .

4) Some internal wounds may occur.

5) Reducing the size of the stomach too much, which requires undergoing another operation.

6) Bleeding or clots may occur.

7) A leak of stomach contents, as the patient’s temperature rises, his pulse speeds up and he feels severe pain in the abdomen, in this case the doctor must be informed immediately.

8) Abdominal edema may occur due to fluid accumulation, then special tubes must be placed to allow fluids to exit.

9) Constipation and slow bowel movement may occur for a temporary period.

10) Infection if the doctor does not comply with the conditions of sterilization.

11) Injury of gut .

12) Complications of general anesthesia.


Will you reach the ideal weight immediately after the operation?

The gastric sleeve operation helps to lose weight in the long term,  therefore the weight will not be loss quickly and the result will not be obtained immediately after the operation, contrary to popular belief. You will lose about a third of the extra weight during the first three months after the stomach reduction surgery,  after a year you will lose about sixty percent of the extra weight,  you will reach the ideal weight and lose the extra weight completely after about a year and a half, as it depends on your daily habits , lifestyle and diet after laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery.


How long does laparoscopic stomach reduction surgery take?

The endoscopic stomach reduction procedure takes about one to two hours, depending on each case, during which more than two thirds of the stomach is cut. The medical staff monitors the patient’s condition to make sure there are no complications.

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