Gastric balloon operation in Turkey
Gastric balloon operation in Turkey

Intragastric Balloon in turkey

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What Is Intragastric ballon?

Intragastric ballon is putting a delicate silicon expand into the stomach and this loaded up with milliliters of saline arrangement, this ballon is set by utilizing clinical endoscope, which is an adaptable cylinder with a light and camera on its tip that goes through the mouth down to the stomach.

Intragastric expand ordinarily remains inside the stomach depression for a half year, after this period, its volume starts to recoil continuously and it should be eliminated to stay away from inconveniences, for example, slipping into the duodenum and related entrail check, and expulsion of the stomach swell is additionally performed utilizing an endoscope.

Outline ?

As on account of gastric banding, gastric inflatable is a totally prohibitive method that confines the measure of food a patient can eat prior to feeling full, without causing any complexities, like helpless ingestion or unhealthiness, as in some other bariatric techniques used to treat stoutness.

Procedure  advantages

  • There’s No Medical procedure Associated with a Gastric Inflatable.

The patient is quieted, and a flimsy cylinder that brings the silicone expand inside through the throat to the stomach. The specialist then, at that point manages an endoscope through the throat, a little cylinder with a camera, to take a gander at the silicone swell as it is expanded with saline. At the point when the inflatable is swelled and fixed, the cylinders are eliminated and the methodology is done. It generally requires a short ways beginning to end, and patients return home that very day. The inflatable is left inside for a half year. Accordingly the inflatable is taken out with an endoscope.

  • The procedure is Transitory and Can Be Eliminated.

By plan, the gastric inflatable is simply expected to be in the patient’s stomach for a half year prior to being eliminated. Yet, on the off chance that exceptional conditions emerge before that, it tends to be killed whenever.

  • The Expense of a Gastric Inflatable Method is Lower than that of Numerous Other Careful weight reduction Strategies.

The normal expense of a gastric inflatable methodology at Ideal Body Organization is $ 5,500 to $ 7,000. That is altogether below the normal expense of various kinds of weight reduction medical procedure.

  • You May be Qualified for a Gastric Inflatable Regardless of whether You are Not Qualified for A medical procedure.

Numerous facilities and insurance agencies necessitate that applicants have a BMI (weight list) that is high before they are viewed as prepared to go through a gastric detour a medical procedure. Notwithstanding, gastric inflatable systems can regularly be performed on individuals with lower BMI and who have a specific measure of pounds they need to lose.

  • Gastric Inflatables Produce Genuine Weight reduction Results.

Critical weight reduction results with gastric inflatables for most patients in a half year. By and large patients lose somewhere in the range of 20 and 50 pounds, contingent upon the underlying weight. Subsequent to eliminating the inflatable, patients may keep on getting more fit by keeping up better weight control plans and exercise schedules.

The procedure side effects?

A portion of the results that can happen after intragastric expand situation are sickness, and now and then heaving, gastroesophageal reflux infection, or inflatable prejudice. In certain patients, the inflatable can hole and this can prompt quicker shrinkage of the inflatable.

To address the inflatable releasing issue, the inflatable is regularly loaded up with a saline arrangement that contains a blue color, when the pee changes to blue or some of the time to green, this shows that there is an inflatable break, and you need to see the specialist to eliminate it before it can slide into the small digestive system.

The issue of inflatable break has been addressed with the new age of intragastric inflatables, as another sort of stomach inflatables – called ReShape®-has arisen, which is a double inflatable framework, implying that on the off chance that one of the two releases, the other inflatable remaining parts unblemished to forestall any difficulties.

The procedure complications

The gastric inflatable activity is one of the Bariatric tasks, and like different activities in this specific situation, some expected confusions and results emerge from playing out this activity, and these intricacies incorporate the accompanying:

  • Feeling of irregularity.
  • A weighty inclination in the mid-region.
  • Abdominal or back torment.
  • Acid reflux or heartburn.
  • Balloon burst.
  • Injury during inflatable inclusion or evacuation.

How you prepare

In case you will have an intragastric swell put in your stomach, your medical services group will give you explicit directions on the most proficient method to plan for your system. You may have to have different lab tests and tests before your system.

You may have to confine what you eat and drink, just as which prescriptions you take, in the time paving the way to the methodology. You may likewise be needed to begin an actual work program.

During the percedure

The intragastric expand methodology is done in the endoscopy unit as an outpatient system. You’ll be calmed for the system.

During the strategy, the specialist progresses a dainty cylinder (catheter) stacked with the intragastric expand down your throat into your stomach. Then, the specialist propels an endoscope — an adaptable cylinder with a camera appended — down your throat into your stomach. The camera permits your primary care physician to consider the to be as the person fills it with saline.

The strategy requires about a half-hour. You can ordinarily return home one to two hours after the technique is done

Intragastric Inflatable: Non-Surgery

Barham Abu Dayyeh, M.D., a gastroenterologist at Mayo Center in Minnesota, examines the intragastric inflatable and presents a liveliness of intragastric swell position and capacity.

After the procedure

You can have limited quantities of clear fluids beginning around six hours after the system. The fluid eating routine by and large proceeds until the beginning of the subsequent week, when you can begin eating delicate food sources. You’ll likely have the option to begin eating normal food around three weeks after the addition of the intragastric swell.

Intragastric inflatables are surrendered set up for to a half year and are then taken out utilizing an endoscope. Around then, another inflatable might be set, or not, contingent upon the arrangement controlled by you and your primary care physician.

You’ll likewise meet with individuals from your clinical group, like your nutritionist and analyst, often after your method.


An intragastric inflatable can cause you to feel more full quicker than you regularly would when eating, which frequently implies you’ll eat less. One motivation behind why might be that the intragastric swell hinders the time it takes to discharge the stomach. Another explanation might be that the inflatable appears to change levels of chemicals that control craving.

The measure of weight you lose likewise relies upon the amount you can change your way of life propensities including diet and exercise.

In light of a rundown of presently accessible medicines, loss of about 7% to 15% of body weight is commonplace during the a half year after intragastric expand arrangement. Complete abundance weight reduction goes from 30% to 47%.

Endoscopic Intragastric Inflatable

The endoscopic intragastric expand treatment is a non-careful technique to help get thinner in patients who experience the ill effects of stoutness or grim heftiness. It is an endoscopic technique, during which an inflatable is embedded in the stomach, involving about portion of it. The inflatable remaining parts in the stomach for a limit of a half year and it is intended to expand the sensation of satiety and breaking point food admission. Since it doesn’t need a medical procedure, the methodology is led in an out-patient setting.

At the point when weight reduction methodology don’t work

It’s feasible to not lose critical weight or to recapture weight after a weight reduction methodology or medical procedure, regardless of whether the actual system works effectively. This weight gain can occur in the event that you don’t follow the suggested way of life changes. Lasting sound changes in your eating routine, alongside ordinary active work and exercise, are important to try not to recover weight.

gastric balloon procedure in Turkey
gastric balloon procedure

Weight reduction after Intragastric Inflatable

In an investigation that was directed on 326 stoutness patients, intragastric swell was put in half of cases, and the others have had a clinical endoscope with no intercession.

Weight reduction in the patient gathering in which inflatable was put was 7% of body weight over a brief period, contrasted with about 3% in the other gathering. Intragastric swell gathering was surveyed following two years of the mediation to find that they had lost 25% of their weight.

Other measurable investigations announced 33% of abundance weight reduction in patients treated with intragastric swell.

Gastric inflatable evacuation

After adequate season of the gastric inflatable, and disposing of the patient’s abundance weight, the phase of eliminating the gastric inflatable comes, it is typically taken out a half year after the methodology, concerning the technique for eliminating this inflatable, it is by utilizing an endoscope through an endoscopy.

where the inflatable is collapsed and held and eliminated with a handle, to be passed down a cylinder, and taken out through the mouth. The patient may take a soothing pill or a gentle sedative before the gastric inflatable is taken out.

Diet after swell a medical procedure

In such kinds of tasks, specialists give some significant exhortation and guidelines, which the patient should follow until the treatment time frame is finished, and quite possibly the main counsel gave in the gastric inflatable medical procedure is the eating regimen that the patient should trail the activity.

This eating regimen, which will be subsequent to embeddings the gastric inflatable, will rely upon drinking fluids just for the initial three days, and afterward the patient will begin eating delicate food sources, until the 10th day in the post-activity stage, then, at that point the patient can eat common eating routine once more.

Likewise, this severe eating routine the patient will follow will permit your body to adjust to the inflatable, forestall parchedness, and keep up your energy levels.



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