Hand beautification by plasma injection

Plasma can be injected in more than one place in the body, as it is not limited to the hands. Plasma injections into the skin benefit by giving it youth,  if it was injected into the scalp, it leads to nourishing the scalp and have a strong hair, as the plasma stimulates the production of collagen, activating cell division and forming new cells, in addition to nourishing the cells, in order to get a more youthful appearance.


How do we get Plasma?

1) A blood sample is taken .

2) The blood sample is put in a special tube that contains anti coagulates .

3) The blood tube is placed in a special device that separates the components of the blood , as the transparent liquid plasma floats and the white and red blood cells are deposited and gather at the bottom of the tube.

4) The plasma is pulled from the tube using a special needle.

5) After a good sterilization of the required place, the plasma is injected.


How is plasma injected?

Plasma injection is a simple procedure that does not require anesthesia, as it is done using a special small needle and injected into the skin. Before the injection, the doctor studies the situation and determines the areas to be injected . After that, the doctor injects small amounts of plasma into multiple points of the determined areas. The session may take half an hour. A person may need several sessions to get The desired result, and this is what the doctor determines


What are the benefits of plasma? what is its mechanism in beautifying the hands?

1) Plasma stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

2) It stimulates cell division and the production of new cells.

3) Plasma is rich in proteins and minerals that nourish cells.


Are there other uses for plasma ?

Plasma has many uses,  it has spread in recent times,  its results are very effective and their benefits are great:

1) Face: Plasma gives impressive results when injected into the face, as it gives freshness to the skin and helps to consolidation of skin color and remove pigmentation, as it fills the skin and helps to reduce the wrinkles and lines, the main function of plasma in this case is to stimulate the production and formation of cells and regeneration of damaged tissues.

2) Hands: Plasma injections in the hands lead to tightening skin and getting younger hands.

3) Hair: Plasma stimulates hair growth to get thicker, stronger and more vibrant hair.

4) Dark circles under the eyes: Plasma injections help to get rid of dark circles around the eyes.

5) Lips: Plasma injections into the lips give them a natural pink color, where the color of the lips becomes beautiful and attractive.

6) Plasma is used as a treatment for alopecia and hair loss.

7) quick the healing process after injuries.

8) Reducing scars.

9) Plasma is used to reduce the pain of the tendon and joint ,  reducing the need to use analgesics.


Are there another ways to beautify the hands ?

Yes, certainly there is. With the development of science and attention to the external appearance, many procedures have appeared to obtain more youthful hands,  perhaps the most important of these are:

Laser hand beautification, where the laser helps to get rid of the prominent veins and remove pigmentation, excess hair and wrinkles.

Surgical hand beautification, we resort to it when non-surgical procedures are not enough to reach the desired result.

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