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Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey

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Gastric Sleeve surgery information

With a gastric sleeve, you may be able to reduce the size of your stomach by 50-85%, and helping you quickly feel full.

The most important part of that process is that the most productive part of ghrelin is eliminated, and that’s the hormone responsible for hunger.

And through a small stomach and hormonal decline, you can control your diet.

Gastric Sleeve surgery definition

The name of this operation comes from the result of this operation is the removal of the most curved part of the stomach and then The Shape of the stomach in the form of a thin tube or sleeve, which is very effective in reducing weight safely and effectively at the same time

Do you know what an Intragastric balloon is? And in what obesity cases is use?

How gastric sleeve surgery works?

As we mentioned gastric sleeve helps you lose weight through two basic ways:

  • The first is a purely mechanical way, with less food in the stomach for small size.
  • And the other way is hormonal

After resection of part of the stomach there is a significant decrease in the level of ghrelin

The hormonal factor is the main change that occurs to the levels of hormones that control appetite after gastrectomy, for example, a significant decrease in ghrelin levels responsible for the feeling of hunger was observed

It also increases the secretion of another hormone called hormone-1 or GLP-1, which increases the secretion of insulin, causing a delay in gastric emptying and thus also affects the feeling of hunger

Gastric Sleeve surgery cost in turkey

Types of Gastric Sleeve surgery

This surgery is divided in form into two types surgery (open) or laparoscopic surgery.

In terms of size, the operation is divided into partial or total resection.

Gastric Sleeve surgery benefits

Having that operation causes big changes patient life!

  • Significantly improve quality of health and lifestyle
  • Excess body weight loss of about 500-70 % within a year after the procedure
  • Raise the level of health status for many cases suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver diseases
  • Lack of desire to eat, but
  • Sense of self-confidence
  • Overcoming joint and foot pain caused by obesity

Complications of Gastric Sleeve surgery

* Possible general anesthesia complications like other operations.

  • Bleeding at the site of the operation.

* Infusion of the stomach after the procedure by 1%.

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

* The possibility of a narrowing of the stomach is 1 %, it can be overcome endoscopically

Gastric Sleeve surgery effect on digestion

This process reduces the size of the stomach by 50% to 85% after gastric resection, reducing the area and volume of absorption of the stomach and changes the digestion process completely and thus the feeling of hunger decreases

Risks of Gastric Sleeve surgery

Like other operations, complications may occur near or far after the procedure, and the next risks occur in the short term :

  • Infections.
  •  Severe bleeding
  • Blood clots.
  •  Breathing or lung problems.
  • Leakage from the incision in the stomach.

And long-term multipliers. :

  • Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract
  •  Hypoglycemia
  • Malnutrition.
  •  Vomiting
  • A hernia.

Requirements for gastric sleeve surgery

In order to be able to perform gastric sleeve surgery, the patient must follow some criteria, which are summarized in the body mass index, according to the following:

  • When the body mass index starts from 35 to 40 kg / m2, the patient has serious complications of obesity, and with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and others.
  •  Body mass index starts from 30 to 35 kg / m2, with metabolic syndrome or diabetes

Gastric Sleeve surgery and pregnancy

Wait at least 18 months after pregnancy until body weight stabilizes

You may also be interested, requirements for gastric bypass

A Gastric Sleeve procedure step by step

  1. Step one: medical anesthesia

    The operation is performed under general anesthesia

  2. Step two: incision

    The puppies open small openings, up to 3 cm long, and the surgical instruments are passed through these openings, as well as with the camera added a flashlight to facilitate the vision of the electronic screen in the operation

  3. Step three: fill the stomach cavity

    The stomach cavity is inflated with inert carbon dioxide gas so that the stomach is easily isolated

  4. Step four : resection of the stomach

    More than half of the stomach is taken out using a surgical stapler vertically, and then this part is removed, reducing the size of the stomach and then the shape changes to become a sleeve-like tube , and this anatomical change works to reduce the amount of food with a feeling of satiety

Gastric Sleeve surgery before care

  • Adjust medications used before surgery.
  • Fasting for 8 hours before the procedure.
  • Stop caffeinated drinks a month before surgery.
  • Complete important forms
  • Adjust the calories needed after the procedure

Gastric Sleeve surgery and alcohol

Alcohol should not be consumed before and after the procedure

Gastric Sleeve surgery dumping syndrome

A common phenomenon after surgery that causes food to reach the intestine faster than before, but subsides after a period of operation

Gastric Sleeve surgery how long does it take

The surgery takes about two hours.

And may require patients to stay in hospital for a day or two after the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve surgery after care

The patient may suffer from nausea and are treated with anti-nausea and pain them

The patient begins in the morning after the operation, provided small amounts of water, liquid foods and thrive quantities if there’s no vomiting

Make a liquid diet for a short time after moving from the hospital until it reaches a normal regime

Recovery after Surgery

* Surgery takes about 40-70 minutes

* The patient can be discharged from the hospital after 1-2 days

* You should encourage patients to walk 3-4 hours early after surgery

* Take recommended painkillers until the patient is relieved from the pain caused by surgery

* Most patients return to work and normal life after 2-4 weeks.

* May occur tired in the first two weeks because of lack of food, but without feeling hungry

* The energy level improves significantly after the introduction of the patient’s soft diet

* The patient can start exercising 4his life normally 4 weeks after surgery

Gastric Sleeve surgery diet

After gastric sleeve surgery, patients should stick to eating sugar-free and low-fat foods, including non-fibrous vegetables and lean protein sources.

Tips for patients to overcome the side effects and completed the operation successfully, and these tips:

* Use a blender to mash foods.

* Learn how to recognize the difference between hunger and appetite hunger is my body and appetite sentimental and emotional

* Distance from fatty meals completely at the beginning.

* Chewing food at a slow rate

* Avoid fried foods and meals rich in unsaturated fats

* Drink water in large quantities throughout the day so that no time in the day without a drink of water

* Eat foods that contain supplements vitamins.

* Avoid taking medications and in case of need of medication should refer to the patient’s specialist

Gastric Sleeve surgery life expectancy

Gastric Sleeve is a permanent and long-term operation, until after 6 years of the procedure the patient has got rid of 60 of his body mass and also improves his health in many aspects and has acquired a proper diet with the needs of his body without overeating as before

Can you have babies after Gastric Sleeve surgery?

You should wait about 18 months after the operation so that the weight and use of health status before pregnancy

As for the operation, it doesn’t affect fetal mortality or congenital malformations.

Does Gastric Sleeve surgery change your personality?

Of course the process works on the physical side in changing the weight and then the shape and that reflects on the personality and aspirations and self-confidence

Why take vitamins after bariatric surgery?

As the amount of food absorbed decreases, the amount of vitamin absorbed decreases, so additional vitamin intake is required

Gastric Sleeve surgery how much do you have to weigh?

As a general rule people who want to have bariatric surgery should have 40 BMI or above.

What weight loss surgery can you have after gastric bypass?

Plastic surgery is required to reduce body surface area after weight loss

How much vitamin D should I take after gastric bypass?

Recommend after the procedure in the following amounts of vitamin D

* During the fluid phase the first two weeks requires oral administration of 50 to 1000 IU per day of vitamin.

* During the soft food phase 1000 IU per day is required.

Does Gastric Sleeve surgery shorten your life?

People live longer largely due to surgery. The death rate from the operation was found to be very low.

Gastric Sleeve surgery cost in turkey

Of course, the cost depends on the state of Health and whether it includes additional things such as transportation and accommodation or not

But it’s usually from 2,700 to 3,200 USD

Gastric Sleeve surgery success rate in turkey

There are very large success rates in Turkey for this type of operation where the largest percentage can lose 60% of weight after two years of operation and reach an ideal body mass index

66 % of Type 2 diabetes patients were able to achieve significantly better blood glucose levels according to a study of several cases for a year after the operation


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