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inforamtion about Gastric Bypass Surgery

The surgery of Gastric bypass is about losing weight, bariatric surgery during abdominal surgery, your doctor may make changes to your intestines and stomach changing the way of Absorption and digest food.

Bariatric Surgery Types

Every sort of bariatric surgery has its cons and pros.

The patient should ask the doctor about them. And now we’ll review the Surgery types

1- Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) gastric bypass.

This process is that the commonest thanks to get through the stomach. This surgery isn’t uncommon for recurrence. It works by reducing the food you’ll erode an equivalent time and reducing the absorption of nutrients.

The surgeon cuts across your abdomen, closes it and removes it from your entire abdomen. The resulting bag is about the dimensions of a walnut and may hold about one ounce of food. Usually, your stomach can hold about three alimentary canal.

Afterward, the surgeon cuts alittle intestine and sews some of it directly into a bag. The food then enters the tiny abdominal sac and goes directly into the tiny intestine that’s attached the reto. Food passes through most of your stomach and therefore the first a part of your intestine, and instead enters directly into the center a part of your intestine.

2- Sleeve gastrectomy. With a sleeve gastrectomy, almost 80% of the abdomen removed, leaving an extended tube-like sac. This small stomach cannot store the maximum amount food. It also produces the hormone-less appetite-regulating ghrelin, which may reduce your appetite.

The benefits of this procedure include massive weight loss and no bowel recovery. Sleeve gastrectomy also requires from patient stay a shorter time in the hospital than other types.

3- Biliopancreatic diversion with the duodenal switching. This is often a two-part operation where the primary step require doing a procedure like sleeve gastrectomy. The second operation involves connecting the intestine last part with the duodenum near the abdomen (duodenal switch and biliopancreatic diversion), passing through most of the intestines.

These surgeries limit the quantity of food you eat and reduce the absorption of nutrients. Although it works alright, it’s many risks, including malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

Gastric bypass surgery benefits

  • great weight loss (50 to 80 % of overweight( in short-term
  • Long-lasting results. the information show that after surgery The Patient That up to 20 years, maintain quite 50 percent of excess weight loss.
  • Good treatment of obesity-related health problems
  • Gastric bypass surgery side effects
  • the extent of chronic problem is slightly above sleeve gastrectomy. Problems are often avoided with proper care, however.
  • Patients are prevented to require aspirin or other NSAIDS after surgery.
  • All patients after surgery got to take vitamins for all times. Otherwise, it can cause long-term vitamin / min deficiency, especially deficiency of vitamin B12, iron, calcium and folate.

How Does Gastric Bypass Treatment Treat Type 2 Diabetes?

Doctors aim to ‘cross the street’ by helping the tiny intestines of diabetics to get rid of over amount of glucose.

Abdominal surgery usually much improves the Condition symptoms of diabetes type 2, even before patients begin to reduce. Why?

we’ve found is that the way to post-diabetes treatment lies within the gut, The Important Information is that after passing through the stomach the intestine become vital and vital tissue for glucose utilization and this lowers blood glucose percentage.

Doctors hope to seek out how to mimic the processes resulting in the event of diabetes type 2 after passing through the abdomen without performing surgery.

The Gastric bypass surgery before care


you ought to stop smoking and / or using tobacco products of any kind a minimum of four weeks before your surgery. it’s best to prevent smoking at your first consultation and never start smoking and / or using tobacco products of any kind. Your surgery will be canceled if you smoke and / or use products of tobacco of any kind within four weeks before your surgery date. Smoking can interfere together with your healing process and therefore the outcome of your surgery. It also can increase your lung problems. If you’ve got stopped smoking and / or using tobacco products it’s recommended that you simply don’t use them again.


don’t use aspirin, blood thinners or NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin…) one week before surgery. If there’s a requirement for these medications you ought to discuss them together with your physician. If you’re not a donor please discuss this together with your doctor and doctor.


you’ll got to see a medical care Doctor to urge a pre-surgery permit. this could be done 3-4 weeks before your surgery day. Your surgical authorization is valid for 30 days. The office will offer you a letter that you simply simply can give to your doctor if you would like it or they will just write us a letter stating that you are faraway from your surgery. If you’ve got a history of heart, lung or other conditions you’ll got to see your cardiologist / pulmonologist / hematologist for permission to possess surgery.

  • Pre-workout FOOD

You will be placed on a high-protein, reducing diet for 2-3 weeks before your surgery. Diet reduces fat in and around your liver and improves the pliability and safety of your surgery.

Requirements for gastric bypass

Generally, bariatric surgery is often an option if:

(BMI) the body mass index is 40 or more (obesity)

– if BMI is 35 to 39.9 (obesity), and you’ve got a significant weight-related ill health , like type 2 diabetes, high vital sign or difficulty breathing during sleep. In some cases, you’ll qualify surely sorts of weight loss surgery if you’ve got serious weight-related health problems. until your BMI is 30 to 34 .

Bariatric surgery isn’t for all obese people. You’ll meet strong medical guidelines and that to qualify the surgery of weight loss. You’ll probably have an in depth testing program to ascertain if you qualify. You ought to even be willing to form permanent changes to measure a healthier life.

You may be required to participate in long-term follow-up programs that include monitoring your nutrition, lifestyle and behavior, and your medical conditions.

And remember that bariatric surgery is dear. ask your insurance plan or your local Medicare or Medicaid office to seek out out if your policy covers such surgery.

Gastric bypass procedure step by step

the method of passing through the stomach may be a step by step process

Surgery is often performed with a laparoscopic procedure (using 6 small cuts) or in rare cases, using an open procedure (one hole facing upwards within the middle abdomen). the extent of abdominal care is laparoscopic, which offers great benefits to the patient, but the performance is that the same internally in any case. the pictures you see below show the method using laparoscopic tools.

1- Measuring the abdomen

it’s vital to live the abdomen accurately, to make a stomach “bag” of about an oz. , or 15ml. this is often done by operating a soft, flexible tube, with a balloon inflated at the top , within the mouth and abdomen. The balloon is then crammed with 15ml of salt and slides upwards on the stomach.

2- Dividing the abdomen with a Stapler

Then I clung to the surface of the balloon. The stapler is working by gluing on each side, then cutting between the pillar lines, in order that the abdomen is closed on each side before splitting. This reduces leakage and bleeding at the cut edges. A series of “fires” with a stop reaches the opposite side of the abdomen, until the abdomen is totally separated into two separate pieces. The balloon is then removed and removed.

3- Separation of the Intestines

The “old” belly is followed right down to the tiny intestine, where it’s separated and therefore the “bottom” end is measured 75cm. The side end of the “abdomen” is attached with the side of the opposite leg, the 75cm mark

4- Making Connections

A circular cone is inserted at the bowel top (this is named The Roux Limb) and therefore the “anvil” of the stapler is passed to the side orally and lowered into the tiny abdominal sac. the 2 pieces are joined together and tied together. The circular line is pushed out, with a buzz saw cutting a hole inside the bottom feed (like a puncher-hole)

When you start eat, food will permeate from the stomach, through a decent small hole 12mm, until it arrives to the intestines. this massive line is now sewn with sutures, like double stitching, and therefore the connection is checked for leaks.

The intestine just past the “old” abdomen is connected to a different piece of small intestine, (this is that the “Y” considered as a section of the Roux-en-Y) at a distance of 75 cm. this enables the acids and digestive enzymes from the “old” stomach to combine with the food because it passes from the new stomach, allowing proper digestion.

If you eat a little amount of food, it’ll pass into your stomach bag and when it does, you’ll feel very full. Because it passes through the gut, you’ll soon feel a way of satisfaction therein little amount of food. Because it travels down the river, it’ll are available contact with acid and enzymes from the “old” stomach and normal digestion is feasible throughout the alimentary canal.

Gastric bypass surgery how long does it take

gastric bypass is usually performed from two to three hours.while Gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy are performed from one to two hours

Gastric Bypass Surgery in turkey

Gastric bypass surgery aftercare

After surgery, it is vital to take healthy amount of food while keeping your weight-loss image on target . and you should

  • Eating and drinking slowly. To avoid happiness of dumping syndrome, take a minimum of half-hour to start eating the meal and from 30 minute to hour to drink cup of liquid.
  • Wait half-hour to drink liquids after meals .
  • Eat a small and several meals in day . you can start with five small meals each day , then eat four meals and eventually , when following a daily diet, three meals each day .
  • you will need to drink a minimum of 8 cups of water each day , To avoid dehydration . But you shouldn’t drink excessive amount of liquid because you can feel overly full and stop you from eating
  • Chew food thoroughly. The new opening after surgery that continue from stomach into intestine is extremely narrow and may be blocked by larger piece of food. Blocking prevent the food from leaving the stomach and in this case may cause vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. You should eat small bites of food and should chew them well before swallowing
  • Focus on high-protein foods. And focus to protein food before you eat other foods in your meal.
  • Avoid high sugar meals and high fat foods . These foods pass quickly through the gastrointestinal system and may cause dumping syndrome.
  • Take supplements of vitamins and minerals because after surgery the body couldn’t absorb enough nutrients from the food

how much vitamin D should be taken after gastric bypass

most practitioners routinely prescribe vitamin D and calcium supplements after bariatric surgery. recommended doses are 500–2000 mg calcium and 400–800 IU cholecalciferol per day

Gastric bypass surgery recovery

if the surgeon makes small cuts in gastric bypass surgery. It will create shorter recovery time.

Most people stay within two to three days, and back to normal life in 3 to five weeks.

Gastric bypass surgery results in turkey

Within the first six months patients may lose 30% to 50% of their excess weight, and 77% of their excess weight 12 months after surgery.

patients don’t gain the load they lost by 50% to 60% of the surplus weight 10 to 14 years after surgery.

What weight loss surgery are you able to have after gastric bypass?

A second surgery to repair — or redo — a gastric bypass could also be appropriate.

This is very true if the result below expectation otherwise you can further decrease the area .

Gastric bypass surgery cost in turkey

The cost depends on the case record.

bariatric surgeries have a lot of advantage of reasonable price and great results in turkey.

Is gastric bypass better than gastric sleeve?

It is true that each one weight loss processes cause weight loss to at least one degree or another, but there are some anatomical or physiological factors which will encourage gastric bypass as an choice to manage obesity, and there are another factors that experts consider an absolute contraindication to perform gastric bypass

gastric bypass life expectancy

Gastric bypass surgery may be a irreversible surgery and Continue to the end of life.

Pregnancy and Gastric bypass surgery

It is advised to attend a minimum of 18 months after the surgery to urge pregnant, it worth mentioning that Surgery pre-pregnancy helps deal with high vital sign and gestational diabetes.

Alcohol and gastric bypass surgery

Patient should avoid alcohol for first 6 months after surgery. Intoxication and low blood glucose may happen if patient drinks alcohol after surgery

Gastric bypass surgery dumping syndrome

this syndrome can be happen when food goes from the stomach into intestine tract directly without digetion.

Dumping syndrome have 2 sorts of: early and late.

Early type happens 10 to 30 minutes after a meal. Late type happens 1 to 3 hours after eating

Can you have babies after surgery?

pregnancy can be happen typically a minimum of 12 to 18 months after the surgery.

Does Gastric bypass surgery change your personality?

Gastric surgery is usually improving mental health and enhances quality of life and feeling better and that will translate to you feeling better toward the body image.


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