Gastric bypass surgery part 4

Obesity is a global health problem that has spread widely in different countries of the world and affects the psychological and physical health of individuals. Among the diseases related to obesity and overweight: high arterial tension, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and also the psychological impact of loss of self-confidence and introversion, which made losing weight very important, and when a person fails to lose weight through traditional methods such as strict diets and rigorous exercise, he resorts to surgeries that effectively reduce weight with high success results, and perhaps the most important and most common of these operations is the gastric bypass operation.


What are the methods of gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery can be performed in two ways, and the method is chosen by the doctor, according to the person and according to each case:

1- The gastric bypass can be done with a medical endoscope, under general anesthesia, where small incisions are made through the abdominal wall through which the medical endoscope, camera and other tools are inserted. This method is characterized by its very small incisions, and therefore it is better from a cosmetic point of view as it does not leave scars and is also characterized by a quick recovery after the operation.

2- It is possible that the gastric bypass operation can be done with open surgery, by making a large surgical incision in the abdomen. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it leaves large scars, which are bad from a cosmetic point of view, as well as the long stay in the hospital after the operation.


Who are the candidates for gastric bypass surgery?

1) People who are obese and whose BMI is above 40.

2) People who suffer from obesity where their body mass index is above 35 and they also suffer from diseases and health problems related to being overweight and obesity such as type 2 diabetes and respiratory arrest, obstructive sleep and others.

3) That the person has tried various ways to lose weight, such as strict diet, exercise and all his attempts failed to lose weight.

4) The patient must show full readiness to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, adhere to the diet and follow the recommended lifestyle, to ensure that the desired result is reached.


What are the characteristics of gastric bypass surgery?

1) The gastric bypass operation is considered one of the leading operations in the field of effective weight loss and getting rid of the problem of obesity, as it decreases the amount of food eaten and leads to a feeling of satiety for a longer period with a loss of appetite towards foods

2) The gastric bypass operation is performed through very small incisions, so it is rare to leave scars, as it is considered the best cosmetically

3) The process of gastric bypass reduces the absorption of sugar and thus contributes to the process of controlling the blood sugar level, especially in diabetic patients


Gastric bypass surgery in Turkey, Istanbul:

Turkey is one of the leading countries in medicine and surgeries, especially in the world of cosmetic and obesity operations that aim to lose weight. Turkey has many health centers and surgical hospitals that include a group of expert doctors in this field. Therefore, Turkey is a destination for many people from all over the world.

Thus, we find that gastric bypass is one of the most important weight-loss operations, as it has become very popular in the world.

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