Botox has become very popular lately. It is one of the modern techniques used in the medical field, where Botox works to temporarily prevent muscles from moving and relax them, and it has been used in several areas: such as removing facial wrinkles by injection. Botox injections have also been used to lose weight and it has been very popular for the speed of the results and the safety of this procedure as it is done without surgery.

How is Botox injected?

Gastric Botox injections are a simple, safe and fast procedure that is done without making any incisions and without general anesthesia. Under local anesthesia (the doctor spreads a narcotic substance on the throat to prevent the vomiting reflex when the endoscope is inserted), the medical endoscope is inserted from the mouth into the stomach, which is equipped with a camera, where the doctor monitors the path of the endoscope until it reaches the stomach, and then Gastric Botox is injected

Where is Botox injected into the stomach? What is the mechanism of weight loss by injection of Botox?

1) Botox injections into the stomach wall:

– As Botox works to paralyze the muscle and prevent it from contracting. When Botox is injected into the stomach wall, this leads to weakness in its movement and contraction and thus indigestion in the process of digestion and food stays for a longer period in the stomach and the digestion process is slower (since the food that is digested during 4 hours, it stays longer in the stomach), which leads to a feeling of fullness for a longer period, so the excess weight is lost in the long term and without surgical interventions and the subsequent risks and side effects.

– Botox injections also affect the secretion of the Griblin Hormone, which is responsible for feeling hungry, as it leads to a decrease in its secretion, so appetite decreases and the feeling of hunger decreases, which contributes to losing weight in the long term.

2) Botox injections into the nerve in the stomach wall:

The doctor injects the nerve responsible for transmitting nerve impulses from the brain to the stomach to start contracting and the digestive process. When this nerve is injected, it sends a nerve impulse to the brain with a feeling of fullness and satiety, which decreases appetite, reduces desire for food, and gradually loses weight.

Do the results appear immediately after the injection?

Botox injections work on long-term weight loss, and the results do not appear directly, and this depends on the diet, habits and lifestyle followed after the injection, the results will begin to appear three days after the injection and the actual weight loss begins after about ten days. As for the ideal weight and the required weight loss, you will get it after about four to six months after the injection. This depends on the lifestyle followed and the extent of your commitment to a healthy diet.

Can Gastric Botox injections be repeated?

The effect of Botox injections lasts about six months, after this period, if the person does not lose the required weight and does not reach the ideal weight, he can re-inject again, this procedure is simple and completely safe.

Is it necessary to take vitamins after gastric Botox injections?

Gastric Botox injections, like other surgical weight-reduction procedures, require nutritional supplements and vitamins afterwards, due to reduced food intake and poor absorption of important nutrients. Therefore, a healthy diet must be followed by a specialist doctor.

Finally, we conclude from this article that Botox injections are one of the most effective modern procedures used in the field of obesity, where the results begin to appear within a short period, and it is a simple and completely safe procedure as it is a non-surgical intervention that does not require general anesthesia.


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