Gastric Botox injections part (2)

Obesity is one of the most common global health problems among countries, and modern medicine always works to find solutions to get rid of it, because of the risks and health problems that follow, such as type II diabetes, infertility, high blood cholesterol, and psychological problems such as loss of self-confidence.
Botox injection is one of the modern procedures that medicine has reached and is characterized by its effectiveness, and it is a safe and simple procedure, which led to its rapid spread in the countries of the world.

How are gastric botox injections prepared for this procedure?

1) Doing the necessary examinations and analyzes required by the doctor, such as analyzing the level of sugar in the blood, analyzing the level of cholesterol in the blood, measuring the activity of the thyroid gland and the thyroxine hormone and others.
2) The doctor must be informed of all diseases that she suffers from, especially chronic ones, such as diabetes, asthma and high pressure.
3) The doctor must be informed of all the medications you are taking, as he may ask to stop some medications before the surgical operation, such as stomach medications and blood-thinning medications.
4) The doctor must be informed of all the surgeries you have performed, especially those on the digestive system. You must fast for at least 12 hours before the gastric Botox injection.

What are the side effects of gastric Botox injections?

Injecting Botox into the stomach is very simple as it is considered a safe procedure and it is rare to have complications or side effects if this procedure is done by an experienced doctor. 1) Sometimes it is possible to have a slight stomach pain and a feeling of nausea.
2) Botox may affect people who suffer from allergies, so it must be ensured that the person is not allergic to avoid any allergic reaction after injecting Gastric Botox.
3) In the event that this procedure is done by an inexperienced hand, and a larger amount of Botox is injected than the required amount, this will negatively affect the stomach, leading to muscle paralysis and weak movements, and consequently, difficulty in the digestion process and other digestive disorders.
4) It is possible that the injected Botox will move from the injection site to other nearby places, affecting the muscles in that area and working to paralyze them negatively, but this rarely happens.

What are the advantages of Gastric Botox injections?

1) Gastric Botox injections are a simple procedure that does not require general anesthesia, as it is a non-surgical procedure.
2) No surgical incisions or scars. It is a non-surgical procedure, but it is done through the introduction of a medical endoscope through the mouth.
3) Botox injections are a quick and simple procedure, as the duration of this procedure does not exceed half an hour.
4) Side effects are rare and may be limited to feeling sick and slight stomach pain.
5) The results of the operation are guaranteed if the patient adheres to the healthy diet and lifestyle recommended by the specialist doctor.
6) The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after Gastric Botox injections, where he can resume his activity and return to his daily life directly (he needs to rest for two hours only after this procedure).
7) The cost of this physical procedure is very simple, unlike the operations that are performed to lose weight.
Safe weight loss where excess weight is lost gradually without any adverse health effects.

What after Gastric Botox injections?

1) Refrain from eating food and liquids after injecting Gastric Botox until the effect of the local anesthetic that was sprayed on the throat disappears, so you must wait until it returns to the normal state.
2) Gastric Botox injections do not lead to weight loss immediately after application, but rather long-term weight loss.
3) Weight loss after gastric botox injections depends on the healthy diet and lifestyle.
4) We recommend eating foods rich in protein and rich in vegetable fibers.
5) The effect of gastric Botox injections is not permanent, as it disappears after about six months, and for some people, its effect may extend for a year.
6) If you do not get the desired result after six months, you can re-inject the Gastric Botox.
We find that Gastric Botox injections have become very popular recently for the ease of this procedure, its safety, the effectiveness of its results, the speed of weight loss and its low financial cost compared to the rest of the procedures performed for the same purpose.

Gastric Botox injections part (2)
Gastric Botox injections part (2)

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