Gastric balloon part 3

Obesity is a widespread phenomenon worldwide, and many people suffer from it, whether men or women, and this problem has recently aggravated as a result of unhealthy eating habits, and as a result of the seriousness of this problem, it has captured the attention of doctors. The gastric balloon operation is one of the safe and simple procedures to help lose weight effectively and without surgical intervention, as it is characterized by the fact that it does not require general anesthesia. Gastric balloon types: The gastric balloon has many types scattered around the world, but there are several types of them with high reliability, such as:

1) Orbera (Apollo): It is one of the most common types, where one balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth using a medical endoscope after spreading a narcotic substance on the larynx, and then this balloon is filled with saline solution by inserting a catheter, where a few blue drops are placed in this solution. This balloon remains in the stomach for a period of six months, as the size of the stomach decreases, which leads to a feeling of satiety and a decrease in appetite. With adherence to the diet and healthy eating pattern, the patient loses about thirty kilograms of weight in just six months, which represents the period of the balloon’s stay in the stomach.

2) bilateral gastric balloon (reshape): This balloon differs from the Orbera balloon in that it is a double-lumen balloon, which is a new type that was invented to prevent complications. In the event of leakage from one of the balloons, the other remains intact and prevents slipping in intestines and is characterized by being more durable and therefore less likely to rupture during removal from the stomach before the specified period (six months before) and therefore it is safer. It is similar to the Orbera balloon in that it is filled with saline and enters the stomach in the same way, and the person also loses thirty kilograms within a period of four months.

3) Obalon: It is also called the smart balloon, and the method of inserting it differs from the previous balloons, as it enters the stomach by swallowing small capsules where they are empty and then filled with nitrogen gas and remain in the stomach for a period of six months and then removed, where the loss of weight to 30%.


Who are the candidates for the gastric balloon operation?

Although the gastric balloon operation is a safe and simple procedure that helps in losing weight, this procedure is not suitable for all people.

1) The gastric balloon operation is performed for people over the age of eighteen.

2) Before performing the gastric balloon operation, it must be ensured that the person is free of diseases related to the digestive system such as stomach infections and ulcers.

3) Gastric balloon operation is suitable for people who suffer from obesity where their body mass index is above thirty.

4) That the person is willing to follow a healthy diet and adhere to it and the lifestyle recommended by the specialist doctor.

5) That the person does not have any history of surgical intervention on the digestive system, such as the stomach and esophagus.


What is the success rate of the gastric balloon operation?

The gastric balloon operation is one of the successful and effective operations in losing weight, as it has become very popular in the recent period, as it causes a loss of 10% of weight after six months.


Does gastric balloon cause cancer?

So far, there is no study that proves a direct relationship between cancer and gastric balloon.


What are the side effects of gastric balloon operation?

The gastric balloon operation is a simple and safe procedure and it rarely causes side effects, which include:

1) Feeling nauseous and vomiting.

2) Sensation of heartburn and gastroesophageal regurgitation.

3) Perforation of the balloon and leakage of the solution (so a few blue drops are placed in the saline solution to serve as an indication of the leak, where the urine becomes blue at the time), then it is necessary to tell the doctor immediately to extract the balloon directly.

4) A sense of imbalance.

5) Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen


Recommended tips after balloon removal:

These tips must be maintained in order not to gain weight and accumulate fat after removing the balloon.

1) Maintain a healthy diet rich in proteins and vegetable fibers.

2) Refrain from eating fast food and soft drinks.

3) Maintain regular exercise.

4) Following a diet based on small, light and multiple meals (six small meals during the day).

Thus, we find that the gastric balloon operation is highly effective in getting rid of excess weight in a comfortable, safe and cost-effective manner, unlike other complicated and expensive surgical procedures.

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