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Obesity has always been a major problem in the lives of societies because it causes many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and also leads to impeding the performance of daily routine functions. In the search for a solution to this problem, doctors consider the gastric balloon a qualitative leap in the field of weight loss to effectively get rid of excess weight and obesity and get rid of the subsequent diseases and health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and others, without surgical intervention and the risks that follow.
The gastric balloon operation performed with the aim of losing weight is one of the most common and safest non-surgical procedures around the world and is characterized by a high success rate in achieving weight loss.

What is the mechanism of weight loss in gastric balloon operations?

The gastric balloon is one of the safe modern procedures in the field of weight loss, as the gastric balloon occupies a space of the stomach, which leads to a decrease in the size of the stomach, so the amount of food eaten by the person decreases and he feels full permanently and his appetite for food decreases, which leads to a gradual, effective and long-term weight loss the long .

When will the results of the gastric balloon appear?

The gastric balloon operation is one of the procedures that has spread a lot in recent times because of its effectiveness in losing weight in a short period and quickly. It is like other procedures and operations carried out with the aim of losing weight. The results do not appear immediately after the operation, but the weight is lost gradually and in the long term, as 30% of the weight is lost, meaning that twenty to thirty kilograms can be lost in only six months, and the weight loss may continue if the person adhered to the healthy diet and lifestyle recommended by the specialist doctor even after the balloon is removed. The gastric balloon reduces the amount of food eaten before feeling full without causing any damage or negative impact on absorption.

What materials are used to fill the gastric balloon?

The materials that are used to fill the gastric balloon vary according to the type of balloon:
1) Orbera balloon or bilateral gastric balloon (reshape) It is filled with saline solution (400_700 ml), often a few drops in blue color are added to the saline solution to serve as an indicator in the event of a leakage in the balloon, where the urine becomes blue.
2) If obalon is used, it is inflated with hydrogen gas.

Tips for better sleep after gastric balloon surgery:

1) Stay away from stimulants that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee, before bed.
2) Do not use the mobile phone or any other electronic devices before bed.
3) It is recommended to sleep in a quiet room away from noise and at a moderate temperature.

Is it necessary to follow a special diet after the gastric balloon operation?

Yes, there is a strict diet that is set by the doctor and the patient must follow it after the gastric balloon operation so that the body can adapt to the presence of the balloon.
1) A liquid diet during the first three days, where the patient is allowed to drink only water and fluids.
2) After the third day, the patient is allowed to eat soft foods.
3) On the tenth day, the patient eats what he wants.
Statistical studies reported a loss of 33% of excess weight in patients treated with gastric balloon.

Is the effect of the gastric balloon permanent?

The effect of the gastric balloon operation is temporary. After six months, the size of the balloon begins to shrink little by little, so the balloon is taken out of the stomach after it is emptied through a medical endoscope and is inserted through the mouth under local anesthesia, so a healthy lifestyle and a good diet must be maintained so that not to gain weight again after the balloon is removed.

What happens if the balloon is not removed after six months?

After a period of six months, the stomach balloon decreases in size and shrinks little by little, and it may slip in the intestines and cause a blockage in its lumen and digestive disorders, so it must be removed after six months by a medical endoscope.
Thus, we find that the gastric balloon operation helps to lose weight in a comfortable, safe and gradual manner without the need to undergo expensive and complex operations or to do strenuous exercise, as it is done without the need for surgical intervention or general anesthesia.

Gastric balloon part (2)
Gastric balloon part (2)

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