Gastric Balloon part 1

Obesity and fatness are among the most prevalent health problems globally, which seriously affect the individual’s psychological and physical health, as they lead to a number of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high arterial pressure, infertility, and others.
Therefore, weight gain is a serious health problem. Medicine is always working on finding and innovating the best procedures and solutions to lose weight. Science has recently created safe, non-surgical weight loss procedures. Perhaps the gastric balloon is the most important of these modern effective weight loss procedures.

What is a gastric balloon?

It is a thin and soft inflatable medical silicone balloon placed in the stomach, which reduces its size and helps speed up the feeling of satiety and thus the amount of food a person eats decreases and leads to weight loss in the long run. The gastric balloon operation is a simple and safe procedure that does not require surgical intervention, despite that, it needs the hands of an expert doctor and a modern, equipped hospital to get the best results without side effects and damage.

How are gastric balloon operations?

Under local anesthesia and by an experienced physician, a medical endoscope is inserted through the mouth, after spreading a narcotic substance on the throat so that the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain, without making any surgical incision and without surgical intervention or general anesthesia. It is a simple and safe procedure. After inserting the medical endoscope orally equipped with a camera, the patient follows up and monitors the entry of the endoscope until it reaches the stomach, then an empty balloon is inserted into the stomach (the type of balloon used varies according to the patient’s condition), and in this process more than one balloon can also be used. After the empty balloon is inserted into the stomach, it is filled and inflated while it is in the stomach, by either inflating it with Gas or saline filling, and this filling method varies according to the type of balloon used.

How long does the gastric balloon procedure take?

The gastric balloon operation is a simple and quick procedure that does not exceed half an hour and does not require a hospital stay, and you can return to daily life after two hours.

Recommendations and tips after the gastric balloon?

1) Follow a healthy diet rich in foods rich in proteins and fiber, and stay away from foods rich in carbohydrates, sugars and soft drinks. It is preferable to follow the diet at a specialist doctor and follow a healthy lifestyle.
2) Refrain from sleeping on the stomach for a period of no less than 14 days after the stomach balloon operation, for fear of any pressure on the place of the balloon.
3) Communicate with the doctor immediately in the event of any emergency, such as the occurrence of very severe pain that cannot be tolerated.
4) Resorting to sedatives and analgesics when feeling pain and discomfort and before bedtime.
5) Vitamins, calcium and iron are the most important elements needed after gastric balloon surgery, so vitamins must be taken in high doses (B1 – B21 – A – D) in addition to calcium and iron.

Does the gastric balloon cause bad breath?

The stomach balloon leads to food staying in the stomach for a longer period, which increases the possibility of food sticking to the balloon, so it may cause bad breath. For this reason, doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids.

What are the advantages of gastric balloon operations?

1) The gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure in which no surgical incisions are made and therefore no scars and does not require general anesthesia. It is a simple and safe procedure and this is what makes it preferred by many.
2) After that, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital, it is sufficient for the patient to rest after a few hours.
3) The gastric balloon does not require general anesthesia, but local anesthesia is sufficient so that the patient does not feel discomfort or pain during this procedure.
4) The gastric balloon is a quick procedure, the duration of this procedure does not exceed half an hour.
5) The gastric balloon operation is a non-permanent operation where the balloon can be removed at any time.
6) The cost of the operation is low compared to other operations performed to lose weight, as it is considered a simple and inexpensive procedure.
7) The gastric balloon operation is a simple procedure and it is rarely associated with complications.
Thus, the gastric balloon operation provides an effective solution to the problem of obesity in a simple and safe manner, thus reducing the various risks associated with obesity and contributing to the promotion of public health in the community.

Gastric Balloon part 1
Gastric Balloon part 1

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