Facelifting with Surgical Threads

With age, the signs of aging begin to appear, as wrinkles, lines and sagging appear as a result of the natural destruction of collagen, which leads to a less attractive appearance and the person appears older, so many people seek to have a tighter and more youthful face. Turkey is the first destination for people from different countries of the world, as they go to it in order to undergo various cosmetic and surgical procedures, in addition to other non-surgical procedures, as it is characterized by a very high success rate.


What are the influencing factors and causes for the appearance of wrinkles in the face?

1) Genetic factors may play a role in the early appearance of wrinkles.

2) The amount of melanin in the skin may also play an important role in the appearance of wrinkles, as melanin is the natural pigment in the skin that gives the skin its color, and the greater the amount of melanin, the darker the skin color, as white skin contains less melanin and it is more likely to the appearance of wrinkles. As for medium dark and dark skin that contains a large amount of melanin, it is characterized by the possibility of the appearance of less wrinkles.

3) Ambient factors: such as the climate in general and the high temperature.

4) different pollutants and factors in the atmosphere.

5) Thin skin with poor fat layer.

6) Aging, as the skin loses its elasticity due to collagen loss and destruction, and the thickness of the fatty layer under the skin decreases.

7) Smoking and alcoholic beverages also have a role in the appearance of wrinkles.

8) Great and quick weight loss that is within a short period.


What are the non-surgical face-lift methods?

1) Face-lift with surgical threads:

This procedure is highly effective as the results of a facelift with threads last for many years.


2) Laser face lift:

This procedure is used for people with simple or medium wrinkles, as it does not give satisfactory results for people with severe sagging skin and deep wrinkles; Laser is applied to the desired area, it works to tighten the skin, remove wrinkles and stimulate collagen production in the skin. One of the main disadvantages of this method is that it is not suitable for all skin types.


3) Botox injections:

Botox injections give good and effective results in getting rid of wrinkles with a high safety rate, by affecting the muscles as it works to relax them, and therefore you will not be able to contract strongly, so the muscle relaxes and the wrinkles resulting from the contraction of these muscles will disappear, as this procedure is more common in getting rid of wrinkles resulting from repeated facial movements in the area between the eyebrows, forehead, around the eyes and other areas. It is a simple procedure that is done without anesthesia or under local anesthesia by using a very thin needle with a short tip and Botox is injected superficially in the face.


What are the areas through which the threads are inserted and what are the areas affected by a facelift in this way?

Facelift with threads can affect different areas of the face, according to the needs of each patient and according to the case, as it works on:

Thus, we find that a thread facelift is an ideal solution for people who suffer from lines and wrinkles and at the same time do not want to undergo surgery. The results of a facelift with threads in Turkey achieved a high success rate. Many of those who underwent this procedure expressed their satisfaction with the results.


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