Facelift with threads : side effects and cost

The use of threads has spread a lot recently as a way to tighten the face and get rid of wrinkles and lines, as this procedure is a very useful method for people who are not over fifty years old and do not want to undergo major surgeries and general anesthesia. Facelift with threads is considered a safe procedure and its results are good and effective, as most patients express their satisfaction with the results of the operation.


Who are the people who are prohibited from using surgical threads to lift the face?

Some cases prevent a facelift with surgical threads, the most important of which are:

1) Malignant diseases and skin cancers.

2) Those who suffer from dry skin and allergies.

3) The presence of a lot of sagging and wrinkles, as this procedure may not give the desired results.

4) Very thin skin and a decrease in the thickness of the fatty layer that supports the skin, and therefore the lack of an appropriate thickness for placing the threads and tightening the skin through them.


What are the features of a thread facelift?

1) Thread facelift is characterized as a safe procedure that does not require general anesthesia as it is performed under local anesthesia.

2) Facelift is characterized as a simple procedure that does not require surgical incisions and therefore does not leave scars.

3) This procedure is characterized by its long-lasting results that may reach years.

4) Thread facelift is characterized as a deep tightening of the face that affects different parts of the face.

5) It is a procedure that benefits people who suffer from simple thinning of the skin, as this procedure increases the thickness of the skin, giving a more youthful and less saggy appearance.

6) This procedure is characterized by its low cost compared to other surgical procedures that aim to lift the face.

7) The effect of the thread facelift procedure is limited to the skin, so it does not cause danger and is not accompanied by dangerous effects on human health.

8) Thread facelift is characterized by the fact that it often does not require a recovery period, whereby the patient can return to his normal life afterwards.


What are the side effects of a thread facelift?

1) Swelling and puffiness, which is temporary and disappears after a short period, so the doctor may sometimes recommend taking an anti-edema drug.

2) Infection may occur if the doctor does not adhere to the necessary asepsis conditions.

3) Inflammation may occur if the skin is hypersensitive.


After a thread facelift:

1) The doctor advises to avoid severe facial expressions such as exaggerated laughter and severe yawning for a period of two weeks after a thread facelift.

2) Avoid using cosmetics as much as possible after a thread face-lift until recovery, recovery period has passed, or during the first 48 hours.

3) Stop smoking for two weeks after a thread facelift.

4) Putting cold compresses on the face to reduce edema and swelling that may occur after a thread facelift.


How long is the recovery period from a facelift with threads?

Actually, you can return to your normal life directly after a facelift with threads, but the holes through which the threads were inserted may need a few days to recover and temporary pain, redness and swelling may occur that will disappear within a very short period. Facelift with threads is a simple and safe procedure that takes place without anesthesia or under local anesthesia with very few side effects and may not occur at all.


What is the success of the threads in lifting the face and removing sagging?

Facelift threads work to remove wrinkles and sagging, light to medium severity, as there is a study conducted by the NIH, which confirmed that the results of facelifting threads are very good and considered it an effective procedure, as it works to tighten the face and lift the skin as it penetrates into the soft tissues and its success rate exceeded ninety percent in treating facial wrinkles, tightening and getting rid of sagging.


What is the cost of a facelift with threads?

Thread facelift is less expensive than surgeries for the same purpose, and the cost varies according to each case, and the type and number of threads used plays a role in determining the cost as well.

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