Facelift with threads : results and frequently asked questions

Thread facelift is one of the most popular and effective procedures. The threads work to tighten the face through multiple points in the face to extend its effect to the neck, eyebrows, cheek and lower jaw to get a fully tightened face. It also increases the thickness of the skin, as the skin becomes thinner over time due to the loss of the fatty layer that supports it and the lack of collagen production.


What are the disadvantages of a facelift with threads? Who are the people that are not candidates for a facelift in this way?

1) Its results are not permanent, as its effect disappears after several years, since the threads dissolve and disappear, and then the facelift with threads must be repeated.

2) Facelift with threads is not suitable for people who suffer from severely flabby skin and very deep wrinkles, where it is preferable in this case to tighten the face by a surgical method, as it gives better results.

3) People with dry sensitive skin and a very thin face are not candidates for a thread facelift.

4) People who suffer from skin problems such as infections and tumors are not candidates for a thread facelift.


What are the results of a thread facelift?

The results begin to appear gradually after the completion of the thread facelift procedure until the final results are reached after several weeks, as the threads stimulate collagen production and tissue regeneration, thus obtaining more fresh and youthful skin.

Thread facelift works to get rid of wrinkles and lines and get a more beautiful skin and a more youthful appearance, as its effect is not limited to lifting the face only, but also works to tighten the neck and raise the eyebrow.


How long does a thread facelift session take?

A thread facelift is a simple procedure that is done under local anesthesia. This procedure needs only minutes and does not exceed an hour in the case of a full face lift with threads.


Is a thread facelift a painful procedure?

A thread facelift is a simple procedure in the superficial layers of the skin as the threads do not go deep into the face. However, it may cause some pain, which is described as mild, so some people prefer to apply local anesthesia before a facelift with threads. The doctor also advises taking pain killers when needed.


How many threads is needed for a full face lift?

The number of threads needed varies according to each case, the amount of wrinkles that must be stretched and distributed, and according to each person. But it is estimated at about 4 to 8 threads on each side to get a completely tightened face.


How long does puffiness and swelling last after a facelift with threads?

After a facelift with threads, swelling and puffiness may occur temporarily that will disappear within a short period, so it is preferable to put cold compresses during the first day of facelift with threads and then warm compresses after the first day, as minor bruises may also occur and this swelling and bruising does not last for more than several days.


Can you move your facial muscles and make facial movements and expressions naturally after a thread facelift?

You can return to your normal life and practice your daily activities immediately after a facelift with threads, but you have to reduce your facial movements and avoid severe facial expressions for a whole day after a thread facelift, and also stay away from any exhausting or violent activity or weight lifting for 3 weeks.


What is the sleeping position recommended by the doctor after a thread facelift procedure?

The sleeping position is important, as pressure may occur on the face in the case of a side position or sleeping on the stomach, so the doctor advises in the first days to sleep on the back to avoid applying any pressure on the face. It is also preferable to place a pillow under the head to raise it above the level of the body, which contributes to reducing edema and swelling.


Are the results of a facelift with threads permanent?

The results of a facelift with threads are not permanent, since they disappear within a period ranging from 3 to 5 years, as the threads dissolve and their effectiveness and results disappear, and you can then repeat this procedure and tighten the face with threads again.

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