Facelift In Istanbul Part 4 | side effects

Many people suffer from wrinkles in the face, so they resort to a face-lift procedure, which is considered the best and most effective procedure , Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world in surgical and plastic surgeries, because Istanbul has many health centers and hospitals equipped with the latest and most effective medical devices in addition to its doctors who have a vast experience.

Istanbul doctors are known for their skill, this is what made them one of the best doctors in the world.

The results of a facelift in Istanbul:

Side effects of a facelift:

  1. An allergic reaction to the used drug.
  2. Infection, if the doctor does not adhere to the conditions of sterilization, then antibiotics must be taken.
  3. Swelling in the face , which is severe in four to five days after the operation, then it gradually decreases until it disappears on the tenth day.
  4. bruises around the eyes that disappear within ten to twelve days.
  5. An annoying feeling of tightness in the face.
  6. Pain and numbness in the face that recover after a temporary period.
  7. Scars, But it’s usually invisible. because they are behind the ear and in the hair-covered parts. In rare cases, red raised scars may form, in this case, cortisone must be injected, which helps it to heal .
  8. Injury to one of the facial nerve branches as a result of swelling, which is rare , it causes temporary or permanent paralysis of the expressive muscles of the face, which affects the shape of the face, temporary loss of sensation may occur for several months to a year. Surgical intervention may help in improving the symptoms .
  9. Hematoma, which is very common where blood collects under the skin as a result of swelling and pressure, it must be removed within 24 hours by surgery in order to prevent damage to tissues and nerves.
  10. Temporary or permanent hair loss may occur in the incision site. In the case of temporary loss, The use of minoxidil may be useful, but the permanent one needs to hair plugs .

Recommendations after a face-lift procedure

When do I get the final result after a facelift?

The results of the face-lift operation begin to appear a month after the operation,  the face continues to recover until the final shape is obtained after six months, the results of the face-lift may last for 12 to 14 years.

Does a facelift make me look younger?

Most patients who have undergone a facelift feel that they are 12 years younger.

Is the face-lift operation simple?

A face-lift is considered one of the most complex plastic surgeries, as it is performed under general anesthesia and take three to six hours.

Facelift In Istanbul Part 4 | side effects
Facelift In Istanbul Part 4 | side effects

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