Facelift In Istanbul Part 3 | Who can?

Sagging skin in the face and wrinkles are one of the most important problems that people suffer from, as it gives them an advanced appearance and reduces self-confidence, no matter how people try to delay wrinkles on the face in different ways such as: (using lotions and creams, regularly exercising , healthy diet and drink water, etc.), Wrinkles will be formed in the end, then the face-lift procedure present an effective solution that treats the problem of wrinkles and restores the face to its youth and makes you look ten years younger,  this is what led to Its wide famous and increased demand by men and women.

Who are the candidates for a face-lift procedure?

  1. The elderly who suffer from wrinkles and sagging in the face due to aging .
  2. People who lost their weight quickly within a short period, this leads to the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin in different areas of the body, including the face, They don’t have to be old  ,  they may be young.
  3. individual must not suffer from diseases that affect the success and safety of the operation, such as: blood clotting disorders, high pressure, skin diseases and diabetes.
  4. Women over 45 and men over 55.
  5. People who have a small layer of fat under the skin.
  6. People who have been able to maintain a stable weight for a long time, those who suffer from instability weight, increase and decrease, may get unsatisfied results.

After the face-lift operation

  1. Bandages are put on the face.
  2. Special tubes are placed that allow the fluids under the skin to drain, so it is help in reducing swelling.
  3. Should not be exposed to the sun and put a sunscreen cream.
  4. Follow the healthy lifestyle recommended by the doctor and commit to regular exercise and a healthy diet that includes drinking enough water and eating vegetables, fruits and rich-protein foods .
  5. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in order to maintain the results of the operation.
  6. Ensure that the face is cleaned and keep it hydrated after the bandages are removed .
  7. Do not put makeup on the face until fully recovery .
  8. You can take painkillers if you feel pain.
  9. Bleeding may occur.
  10. You can return to your work and daily activities two weeks after the operation.
  11. Have rest ,not do hard exercises or strenuous activities.
  12. Use cold compresses.

Why is Turkey so famous for surgery and plastic surgery?

Turkey is the most popular destination for plastic surgery around the world, due to the experience of its surgeons, their high efficiency, the effective results and high success rates, this is what earned them the trust of people, in addition to the low cost compared to European countries, Turkey has many hospitals and specialized centers that It contains the latest medical devices and technologies in the world,  this is what made it a competition for major countries, and it has become a destination for thousands of people who travel to it annually for treatment.

Facelift In Istanbul Part 3
Facelift In Istanbul Part 3

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