Facelift In Istanbul Part 2 | Before And After

With age, wrinkles and lines appear in the face, which give an undesirable appearance , the person looks older than he is, so many of them want to get a tighter and more youthful  face.

 Facelift in Istanbul is the most effective operation In removing sagging skin,  facelift has gained wide popularity among women in particular, as they constitute the largest group of those who have undergone this surgery, but recently men have also started doing this surgery.

Before the face-lift operation the doctor will conduct a full clinical examination of the patient, examines the bone structure, fat distribution and skin elasticity and discusses with his patient about his case and the expected results after the operation and the shape that the patient wants to obtain

  1. Smoking should be stopped at least one week before the operation because it causes poor wound healing and increases the risk of hematoma and tissue ischemia.
  2. Taking pictures of the face from different angles before and after the surgery in order to compare the results.
  3. The laboratory tests required by the doctor must be carried out to ensure the patient’s health condition.
  4. Stop steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs because of their effect on blood functions ،( they may increase the risk of bleeding) for two weeks before the operation.
  5. Fasting for 8 hours before the operation, you can drink water and take medicines which is allowed by the doctor.
  6. Inform the doctor about the medications you are taking, the previous surgeries you underwent, and the previous complications.
  7. Tell the doctor if you suffer from an allergy to certain substances.
  8. Stop drinking drugs.
  9. Wash your face and hair before the operation.

Facelift operations have two types :

  1. Surgical:

It is the best and most effective way to get rid of sagging skin, especially when the sagging is sever and extends to the muscle , in addition to the fact that the effect of this type is permanent.

  1. Non-surgical:

It has different types and it is used in cases of light sagging.

The doctor examines the wrinkles, and then determines the best and most appropriate procedure to obtain the best results.

?How long do the results of a face-lift procedure last

The facelift removes wrinkles ,gets rid of the signs of aging and gives you a more youthful appearance , its results may last for ten years and then the skin returns to sagging again, it cannot stop the natural development of the skin and the loss of collagen with age, so wrinkles return with time.

?What is the appropriate age for a facelift

Facelift is suitable for people in their forties, fifties or sixties, deep lines, wrinkles and sagging skin resulting from aging are removed by this surgery

Thus, we find that the face-lift operation in Istanbul is an ideal solution for people who suffer from wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, whether due to aging or due to rapid weight loss, as the face-lift operation in Istanbul has achieved a high success rate in getting rid of wrinkles and get a tight face,  many of those who underwent this process expressed their satisfied with the results.

Facelift In Istanbul Part 2 | Before And After
Facelift In Istanbul Part 2 | Before And After

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