Facelift In Istanbul Part 1 | How is it done?

With age, many people suffer from sagging skin in the face, loss of its elasticity and loss of fat in the face, which is one of the signs of aging.

face-lift is an effective solution to get rid of excess saggy skin and wrinkles and get a tighter and more youthful face.

Istanbul is characterized by the low costs of performing operations despite the high quality of service, so it has become a strong competition for Europe and has been able to attract thousands of people annually who travel to it for undergoing operations there, especially the face-lift operation.

What is the cause of the appearance of wrinkles in the face?

  1. Genetic causes.
  2. The amount of melanin in the skin (which is the pigment that gives the skin its color), the less melanin ( white skin), the greater of probability to have wrinkles, and the more melanin (brown skin), the less likely wrinkles are.
  3. High temperature and various weather factors.
  4. The various pollutants in the atmosphere around us.
  5. Rapid weight loss.
  6. Loss of fat in the face.
  7. Aging, the skin loses its elasticity and the amount of collagen decreases, which leads to the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

How does the face-lift occur?

  1. General anesthesia.
  2. Good sterilization of the face.
  3. The length of each of: (forehead, eyebrow, ear, eyelids) is measured accurately in order to obtain an evenly stretched face.
  4. Incisions are made on both sides of the face at the hairline around the ear in order not to leave visible scars after the operation. An incision may be made under the chin to tighten the neck.
  5. The sagging skin and muscles are tightened behind the ear and the excess skin is removed, we may need to inject some fat to get a more full face.
  6. The incisions are stitched up in a cosmetic way by cosmetic thin sutures.
  7. Putting bandages on the face.

Patient visit dates for post-surgery:

  1. On the day after surgery:

  1. After a week:

There could be other visits to monitor the outcome of the procedure and the recovery of the patient.

You should contact your doctor immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:

  1. A feeling of severe pain in one side of your face or in your neck within 24 hours of the procedure.
  2. difficulty breathing.
  3. Pain in the chest.
  4. Heart arrhythmia.

Is the face-lift operation simple?

A face-lift is considered one of the most complex plastic surgeries, as it is performed under general anesthesia and takes three to six hours.

The facelift operation in Istanbul is one of the most popular and widespread operations, because it is characterized by effective results, especially if it is performed by an expert and reputable doctor in a hospital equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies to perform the operation with the best conditions that ensure a high success rate with the least possible side effects, we find all that conditions in Istanbul, where the latest and best medical devices are available, and therefore it has become a destination for many.

Facelift In Istanbul Part 1 | How is it done?
Facelift In Istanbul Part 1 | How is it done?

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