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Preventative Measures for COVID-19 Virus by Clinic Nada 

We working carefully to protect our patients safety and our team.

Here are some of the  preventative measures we take:

  1. All of our staff have been vaccinated against covid19 viruse. 
  2. Our experienced team is accredited and closely monitoring the standard procedures for proper sterilization. 
  3. Our staff and all patients have to wear face masks during their stay in the hospital. 
  4. Our team is committed to wash their hands frequently with sentizing, wear special gloves and avoid touching their face.  
  5. All of our patients have Covid19 Pcr tests before admitting to the hospital. 
  6. Sanitaziers stations are present in many places in our hospital 
  7. You can easily have a social distance throughout your stay on our hospital. It’s the largest hospital on the Asian side on Istanbul (check our photos and videos)
  8. No more than 4 persons can use the elevators. 
  9. Privet transfers in Vito cars that will protect you during your transfers. 

At clinic Nada we will follow all the instructions announced by WHO the world health organization to make your travel safe and secure. 

Dr Ibrahim

Dr Ibrahim

GP / intern doctor at Prince Hamza Hospital , a Jordanian MOH hospital .

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