Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Recently, the field of dentistry in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable development, as dental cosmetic operations are easy and simple operations, but at the same time they need a professional and skilled surgeon, because the failure rate of these operations should be zero. The failure of these operations will lead to a distortion in the structure of the teeth and will make their appearance worse, so you must be careful when choosing the surgeon. Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey focuses on improving the shape of the teeth and gums and getting a perfect smile. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry is resorted to for a cosmetic purpose or to obtain a beautiful appearance and restore self-confidence.

The most important causes of dental operations

Here are some cases that make a person resort to dental beautification:

· Gum problems:

Some people suffer from sensitive gums that cause accumulation of lime, bacteria and plaque on teeth, leading to teeth infection. Sometimes there may appear some severe infections on gums and abscesses are formed, which is essential because it affects the integrity of the whole body. In this case, you must visit the dentist to clean the gums and get rid of infections, and then surgery can be resorted to, but it is mostly the last option.

· Dental problems:

If you suffer from a warp or break or decay in the teeth, you can resort to teeth outlets that will address all these problems through white filling that improve the appearance of the teeth. It is also used in the case of spaces between teeth to be beautified.

· Teeth whitening:

It has many ways, some resort to home teeth whitening recipes that may succeed in the case of a few yellowing. The use of sodium bicarbonate is one of the most important home dental whitening methods. It is recommended to put some on the toothbrush instead of the paste. However, these ways need a long time until they reach the desired result. While everyone wants the best results in a short time.
· Dental restorations: This method is adopted when there is a dental decay or a stain that does not disappear even after some teeth whitening methods are followed both at home or clinic, or irregular spacing between teeth, as well as in short teeth or a change in their color after cutting the nerve.

· Crooked teeth:

This problem is considered one of the problems that can only be solved by cosmetic dentistry, as it is the only way that enables a person to obtain well-aligned teeth, and in this case the goal of the operation is not only cosmetic, but rather to modify the teeth and return them to their natural place so that they are consistent with each other. The teeth also become consistent with the shape of the face and its formations.

· Protruding teeth:

One of the most important problems that require going to the dentist, and is a result of the decline of the lower jaw or the emergence of the upper jaw.

· Protruding lip:

One of the defects that make a person’s appearance inappropriate, and it is dealt with through the use of a fixed orthodontic device, and if this method does not work, there is no escape from resorting to cosmetic operations. All dentists confirm that it is better to resort to dental cosmetic procedures in the event of a defect or problem such as restoring a broken tooth, raising the gums, orthodontics, or having a congenital defect that affects the shape of the mouth and teeth.

The most important cosmetic dentistry options in Turkey

To have the teeth whitening process, there are several options or methods that are used by the dentist in Turkey to carry out the teeth whitening process, including:
· Teeth whitening in the clinic: The patient may need more than one session in the doctor’s clinic, and each session may take between 1-2 hours.
· Teeth whitening at home: Here, the doctor makes a special mold according to the size of the patient’s teeth and jaw to be used at home with a special material according to precise instructions.
· Porcelain Veneers or Hollywood Smile: The porcelain veneers or veneers that are used in the Hollywood smile process, are usually made of porcelain, and they are very thin structures used to cover the tooth from all sides to make the tooth look different in color and more beautiful. Porcelain veneers are usually used in the following cases:
– In the case of spaces between the teeth.
– When cracks or fractures appear in the teeth.
– If you need to modify the shape of the tooth or if its nature is not grainy and unnatural.
– If the discoloration of the teeth permanently can not be repaired.
The Hollywood smile is usually performed by placing special molds on the tooth to take measurements for the manufacture of the veneer, and then it is fixed to the tooth through a special light beam that helps to harden and dry the veneer on the tooth faster. The mold making process takes several weeks before installing the shells and obtaining the final shape.

Dental implant cosmetic surgery

Dental implants in Turkey are one of the cosmetic dental procedures that provide great and long-term results. Where special valves are installed in the jaw bones. It is carried out through the different stages of dental implants:
Fixation of special titanium metal valves in the jaw bones.
Then special supports are placed over the mentioned metal valves that protrude from the gums.
After that, a crown is placed, which is manufactured by the doctor who is specialized in dental implants, to obtain a permanent, natural and beautiful appearance.
Dental implants in general require a relatively long period and some patience on the part of the patient before obtaining the final results.


Orthodontics is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures in Turkey. Orthodontics is not only used for cosmetic purposes, but is also used as a solution to many oral health problems, such as modifying the appearance of the jaw and fixing some problems in it. And traditional orthodontics is done through the following stages:
Small metal or plastic frames made of ceramic are fixed to each tooth, and they are connected to each other with metal or transparent wires.
The dentist will then manually tighten the braces at each of your multiple visits, to help the teeth move out of place over time.
After the orthodontic is completed, the stabilization stage comes, where the dentist manufactures special retaining tools that are usually used for a long period of time after the braces to help the teeth stay in place.

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey
Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

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