Closed rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty in turkey

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Closed rhinoplasty information

As an alternative to the open method closed rhinoplasties are made. Without exposure to the structure of the nose, incisions are made at different locations on the membrane to reach specific parts of the nose frame. All without having to open the nose. And by using closed rhinoplasties patients can reduce scars and thus get faster healing. And this procedure is of course effective in all cases, whether plastic surgery or work to regenerate the functions of the nose, we can say that the closed technique is very effective and distinct

Closed rhinoplasty in turkey

Closed rhinoplasty benefit

This procedure not only enhances the overall appearance of the nose and face and the function of the nose, but also improves the psychological aspect and raises self-confidence in many cases. It also helps to:

  •  Reduce or increase the size of the nose.
  •  New look for the nostrils of the patient himself and around him .
  •  Reduce the size of the part above the nasal bone (nasal bridge )
  •  Work to balance the shape of the nose with other facial organs
  • Improve the efficiency of breathing processes.

Complications and Risks of closed rhinoplasty surgery

* Infection

* Anesthesia complications like other cosmetic procedures

* Bleeding.

* Difficulties with breathing after the operation.

* Change in skin color.

* Swelling

* Complications that require additional plastic surgery such as obvious scars, piercing of the nasal septum or dissatisfaction with the results.

Requirement of closed rhinoplasty surgery

Most individuals can be considered to have no problem with the operation except for a few individuals, so there are some criteria and conditions that must be taken before the operation :

  • The patient is not a smoker.
  • Enjoying good health
  • He has a postoperative prognosis that suits his condition.
  • Over the age of 18

The good way to determine if the condition is ideal for rhinoplasty is to turn to a plastic surgeon to assess the condition.

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closed rhinoplasty procedure step by step

  • Anesthesia

Of course anesthesia is very important with these operations so that the patient feels comfortable enough during the time of the procedure . The patient has two options for anesthesia, either intravenous or general anesthesia, which determines which doctor will perform the operation

  • Surgical incision

In the closed technique, all surgical incisions are made inside the nose

The cartilage and skin covering the bones of the nose are then lifted with some precision, allowing access to the part of the nose that is needed for the cosmetic procedure

  • Reshaping the structure of the nose

In cases of large-sized nose, it is beautified by removing cartilage or bone

In other cases we need a cartilage patch, whether from the middle of the nasal cavity (nasal septum), the cartilage of the ears or the cartilage of the ribs.

  • Correction of the oblique septum

When the nasal septum is deflected during the procedure, the surgeon is required to perform braces to the nasal septum to improve breathing after the procedure

  • Surgical incision closure

Once the basic structure of the nose has been sculpted to the desired final shape, the tissue and skin are repositioned, and the surgical incisions are closed.

  • See results

For a few days after the procedure, splints and gauze should be used inside the nose for support until it begins to heal.

Closed rhinoplasty recovery

The final shape of the nose will be clear after the healing period

You’ll need to use bandages and splint on the inside to protect the nose structure.

All the swelling goes away by the six months after the operation, Tiring activities should be avoided for 3 to 6 weeks and for social activity after 2-3 weeks

closed rhinoplasty after pregnancy

At least six months after birth, you can undergo this procedure, preferably one year after birth

Cost of closed rhinoplasty in Turkey

it is necessary to know that this surgery has developed in Istanbul more than in other places, and prices for this operation in Turkey may vary according to the situation and other factors of hotel stay, duration of stay and going to the airport

Average prices range from 1500 to 3000 dollars.

Success rate for closed rhinoplasty Turkey

Although that process was a complicated process, even though it’s cosmetic but it’s one of the most difficult Facial Plastic Surgeries, and thanks to technological advances within the medical sector in Turkey and the experience of Surgeons, high-tech, the success rates rising up between 85% and 90%.


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Before and after closed rhinoplasty in Turkey

Before the operation, there may be organic pain or psychological pain from The Shape of the nose.


After the procedure it starts to sneeze with signs of flu and loss of smell. But after the recovery period, the patient regains the functions of the nose and also gets the desired shape, giving him psychological comfort and self-confidence


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Dr Ibrahim

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