Breast Reduction Surgery part 4

The large size of the breasts is a problem that exists for many women and causes a lot of psychological and physical damage; as women lose their self-confidence and may avoid leaving the house and going to crowded places or family visits because of the feeling of embarrassment about their appearance and this is what hinders their practice of normal activities outside their home, in addition to the pain caused by the large size of the breast in the spine and the feeling of heaviness in movement as well as pressure on the chest wall.


What are the expected results of breast reduction surgery?

1} Getting rid of back, neck and shoulder pain associated with breast enlargement after the operation, which leads to a healthier life and greater physical activity.

2} Increases the level of self-confidence and becomes more positive.

3} The results of breast reduction will be seen immediately after the operation, but the bruising, swelling and scars will need a period of time to completely disappear, and this varies according to each person and according to the situation.

4} The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent, but they cannot stop the natural development and change that occurs to the body and breasts with age, such as signs of aging and sagging, also increasing body weight may affect the breasts and increase their size.

5} Usually, the scars are visible during the first weeks of surgical work, and a cream prescribed by the doctor is applied to the scars periodically until they fade or disappear, and this takes a period of time.


When can I return to my daily life and normal activities after breast reduction surgery?

Most patients who have undergone this operation can return to the performance of daily routine activities on their own, after only a week of the operation.


Is breast reduction surgery limited to women?

Some men may suffer from gynecomastia, where the man’s breasts enlarge and take on a feminine appearance, and this does not affect physical health, but rather affects the psychological state of men, where they feel embarrassment and lack of self-confidence. Hormonal disruption is one of the most common causes of gynecomastia in men, and gynecomastia may also be a reaction or side effect of some medications. When men’s breasts grow very large, and all methods of treating gynecomastia fail, then it is possible to resort to surgery as a radical solution.


Doctors do not recommend breast reduction for some people, such as:

1} Heavy smokers.

2} Those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

3} Those who suffer from severe obesity.


Has breast reduction surgery eliminated the problem of sagging breasts?

Yes, breast reduction surgery can remove sagging, but the body, with the passage of time, aging and its natural development, sagging may gradually return as we cannot prevent the normal development that occurs with age and the accompanying physical and morphological changes.


Can breasts grow and increase in size after a period of breast reduction surgery?

It is very rare for this to happen, as the process of breast reduction depends on the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue to reduce the size of the breast, but if these tissues are enlarged in the future, the size of the breasts may increase.


Breast reduction surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of plastic surgery, especially breast operations, as people from different countries come to perform plastic surgery. Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is characterized by its low cost compared to other countries, and it is also characterized by the progress of its hospitals equipped with the latest medical devices and technologies, distinguished medical staff, experts, surgeons and highly experienced people.

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