Breast reduction surgery part 3

The large size of the breasts has many physical and psychological symptoms, so many people resort to breast reduction every year, and some of them undergo breast reduction for cosmetic reasons only, without having any physical symptoms caused by the large size of the breasts or any restriction of their motor activity or pain.


Some psychological problems experienced by women who have large breasts:

1} Difficulty finding suitable clothes.

2} Excessive sweating where sweating occurs under the breasts and between the breasts, when the breasts are large in size, so it becomes a source of concern and inconvenience, especially in the summer.

3) Sticking to certain sleeping positions, where women who have large breasts cannot sleep on their stomachs.

4) Psychological suffering, embarrassment and loss of self-confidence due to the large size of the breasts and its inconsistency with the body.


What are the risks and side effects of breast reduction surgery?

1} Breast reduction is a major operation that is performed under general anesthesia, which comes with a number of risks.

2} Bleeding where a hematoma may form inside the breast in the first 24 hours after the operation and it is rare.

3} Bacterial or viral infection and infections.

4} Bruising and swelling, which are usually temporary, and they go away after a while.

5} A complete or partial loss of sensation may occur in the areola and nipples.

6} Difficulty or inability to breastfeed may occur, but the development of modern science has created many solutions and techniques that can help you maintain the possibility of breastfeeding.

7} Breast asymmetry and difference in shape or size.

8} Thick and clear scars may occur, but they are rare.

9} Problems and disturbances may occur in the healing of the operation wounds.


When do doctors advise postponing breast reduction surgery?

If the girl is under the age of 18, as the breast growth has not yet completed, so undergoing a breast reduction operation at this age may make her need to undergo a breast reduction operation again after a while, because the breast has not taken its final size yet.


Is breast reduction surgery painful?

Breast reduction surgery is associated with more severe pain in the first days immediately following the surgery, so the doctor prescribes some analgesics to relieve the pain that recedes after days and rarely lasts for three weeks after the surgery.


When can the patient leave the hospital and go home after breast reduction surgery?

Patients are often discharged from the hospital 24 to 48 hours after the operation.


How long is the recovery period after breast reduction surgery?

The recovery period varies according to each case and each person, and may extend from a month and a half to two months.

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breast by getting rid of excess skin and fatty tissue, so that the breast after this operation appears smaller, more proportionate and in harmony with your body, in addition to a greater sense of comfort and self-confidence, and this is what led to an increase in women’s demand for this procedure, especially as it is characterized by a relatively short recovery period, where the person can return to his normal life and daily work after a short period, in addition to its low cost, especially in Turkey, compared to other surgeries.

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