Breast Reduction Surgery part 2

Many women suffer from large breasts, so they resort to surgeries as a radical and ideal solution, after which they can enjoy a healthier life. As is common among women, the large breast size is aesthetically preferred, but some women suffer from a large increase in the size of the breast, and thus it becomes a source of inconvenience to them and affects the psychological and physical aspect, as the asymmetric shape of the breasts with the body, embarrassment and difficulty finding appropriate clothes and also the accompanying pain in the back, all these things push many women to undergo breast reduction surgery.


How is breast reduction surgery done?

1) Breast reduction surgery is one of the major operations, as it is performed under general anaesthesia.

2) Good sterilization, which is a very important step in any surgical procedure to avoid infection and inflammation.

3) Making surgical incisions, where these incisions are made around the areola area and under the breast, then excess fat and excess skin are removed.

4) In some cases, when the breast size is very large, the nipple and areola are removed and repositioned to be higher and suitable for the size of the new breast and more consistent with it.

5) Surgical incisions are closed with cosmetic sutures, using thin threads, which are better from a cosmetic point of view, in order to reduce the occurrence of postoperative scars.


What is after breast reduction surgery?

1) Sterile bandages are placed on the breasts at the surgical site.

2) The doctor may recommend wearing a special breast corset after breast reduction surgery.

3) You may feel pain in the breasts, which is temporary and goes away after a short period.

4) Adherence to the doctor’s prescription of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-edema.

5) Visit the doctor to follow up on your condition, evaluate the results, and remove the electrode.

6) Rest for two to four weeks and reduce physical activity until the breasts recover.

7) The doctor may recommend avoiding underwire bras for a few months after breast reduction surgery.

8) You should visit the hospital or communicate with the doctor in the event of any emergency after the operation.


Is there a certain age for breast reduction surgery?

There is no specific age for breast reduction surgery, it can be performed at any age. But we have to take into account that if the breast reduction operation is performed at a young age under the age of 18, that is, before the breasts have completed growth, it is possible that the breast size will increase after the operation, and then you may need to undergo a breast reduction operation again.


What is the appropriate sleeping position after breast reduction surgery?

Sleeping on the stomach can be painful and uncomfortable for a different period of time for each person. So in the first period after breast reduction surgery, the doctor advises to sleep on the back for at least two weeks or a month, after which the patient can take a side position.

Breast reduction surgery reduces the psychological and physical effects associated with large breasts, and this is what led to its increasing popularity around the world. It is also characterized by a high success rate, especially if it is performed in a hospital with high reliability and reputation, and by a specialized and expert doctor. The development of science has led to an increase in the success rate of surgical operations in general and cosmetic surgeries in particular, in addition to a decrease in the incidence of side effects such as infections and sores, especially with the increase in awareness of the importance of sterilization and strict adherence to its conditions.

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