Breast Reduction Surgery part 1

Some women suffer from an enlarged breast, which gives an inconsistent appearance with the body and may impede the daily activity of the person and impede movement and exercise, turning into a source of physical and psychological annoyance. Breast reduction surgery is one of the operations that is characterized by a high success rate and satisfactory cosmetic results. After this operation, people show acceptance and satisfaction with the results, a feeling of more comfort and an increase in the level of self-confidence.


How to prepare for breast reduction surgery?

1) Tell the doctor why you want to undergo breast reduction and discuss the expected result and your aspirations.

2) You have to tell the doctor your full medical history so that he can evaluate your condition well and give you assessment and advice. You must tell the doctor all the diseases you suffer from, the previous surgeries you underwent and the medications you take.

3) Performing the blood tests required by the doctor and necessary to prepare for the surgical operation.

4) The doctor takes a picture of the breasts in order to document, study, compare and evaluate the condition before and after the breast reduction operation, where he evaluates the results of each stage.

5) Adherence to the doctor’s recommendations, such as stopping medications that affect blood flow and fluidity.

6) Avoid smoking and stop it for a period of no less than a month before the breast reduction operation, because of its effect on anesthesia and the extent of recovery after the operation.

7) Do not hesitate to ask the surgeon any question you have, such as the risks of this operation, the results, the method of anesthesia, the recovery period, and others.


Who are the candidates for breast reduction surgery?

1} People who have large breasts that limit physical activity and movement.

2} When there is pain in the shoulders, back and neck resulting from the heaviness of the breasts and their large size.

3} Redness and irritation of the skin under the breast as a result of the large size of the breast and a lot of friction.

4} Breast reduction can be performed for cosmetic reasons only, for people who do not suffer from any physical symptoms caused by large breasts.


When will the swelling and puffiness in the breast after breast reduction surgery go away?

The recovery period after breast reduction surgery lasts from one and a half months to two months, but the accompanying swelling and edema may last for three months after the breast reduction surgery, so the doctor prescribes anti-edema medications.


Some disadvantages and side effects of large breasts:

1} The large size of the breast may cause an increase in the burden and weight on the spine and muscles in the neck, back and shoulders, which sometimes leads to multiple pains, especially in the back, which requires painkillers.

2) The pressure caused by the excessive size of the breasts on the chest may lead to an obstruction in the expansion of the lungs sufficiently upon inhalation, which causes difficulty in breathing sometimes.

3) The large size of the breasts rarely affects the heart through pressure and the burden on it. It may impede blood pumping, which negatively affects the heart and, consequently, the whole body.

4} As a result of the large size of the breast, the skin of the breast may stretch, which leads to thinning of the skin.

5} Also, the skin under the breast may become irritated from frequent friction and sweating, which leads to several skin diseases.

We find that the process of breast reduction is a very effective process and helps people to get rid of many of the problems associated with large breasts, and gives people a greater sense of comfort and self-confidence.

Breast reduction surgery

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