Breast Augmentation Part 4 | side effects

Breast augmentation is a popular surgical procedure among women, it aims to improve your appearance, correct the difference in the size of the breasts and raise the level of self-confidence.

There are two ways to perform breast augmentation:

  1. Using implants, which are either silicone implants or saline implants, which give the breast a spherical appearance. Breast implants are chemically inactive , non-digestible so it is safe.
  2. Fat injections which increase breast size and correct breast defects.

side effects

As with all plastic surgeries, this surgery also carries risks.

  1. Bleeding:

In most cases, no bleeding occurs after surgery. If there is sever bleeding ,the surgeon may choose to put a tube that remains for 3-4 days then it will be removed . In very rare cases after surgery, severe swelling may form on one side, It is then necessary to restore the surgery to remove the collected blood and replace the implant .

  1. infection:

It is very rare,  if the operation is performed by an expert doctor who adheres to the conditions of sterilization. And if it occurs, antibiotics are given. In rare cases, the body’s immune system rejects the implant, causing a severe inflammatory reaction and collecting pus.

  1. Implants repturing

In very rare cases, the implant may open due to infection or lack of recovery from the surgical incision, then the implants are surgically removed, and the surgery can be redone after several months of recovery. These complications fail the breast augmentation surgery, but, as we mentioned, they are rare.

  1. Scars

In most cases, the incision is in the breast fold looks as a line on the skin. In rare cases, when there is a recovery problem or a genetic predisposition to scar, a large scar is formed.  that may require corrective surgery to remove. The scars around the areola in the case of the extensive areola can expand with time.

  1. Asymmetry

In most cases there is an asymmetry before surgery. Asymmetry can be in the size of the breast, but it can also be in the location of the breast on the chest, its height, the location of the nipple and areola and sagging. When there is sever asymmetry, one of the therapeutic goals of surgery is to achieve symmetry.  It is rare for surgery to increase the asymmetry .

  1. Hardness

The surgeon creates a pocket that exactly fits the size of the implant, in rare cases (due to problems with wound healing and scarring) the pocket become hard and its size decreased .

In simple cases, medication can be given in combination with massage, but in cases of severe hardness, the only solution is corrective surgery, during which the surgeon removes the implant and the hardness pocket then places another implant.

  1. Loss of sensation in the nipple or skin tissue separation, the surgeon should be careful to keep the nerve fibers as much as possible, however about 10% of cases have low sensation. The risk rate increases when large implants is used. If there is a decrease in sensation, it is supposed to gradually improve over two years after surgery, but the lack of sensation or numbness may remain permanently in some cases.

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