abdominoplasty in Istanbul Section 1

Many people suffer from abdominal saggy, which happens for several reasons such as rapid weight loss or frequent pregnancy, in recent years, interest in the external appearance of the body has increased, especially with the spread of images of actors who have a perfect body with muscles, and this is what prompted many to try to get a similar strength to them, As medicine sought to find a solution to this problem, abdominoplasty was found to be the most effective and safe solution.


What are the advantages of abdominoplasty in Istanbul

  1. Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it contains many specialized centers and highly reputable hospitals in which many operations are performed annually with a high rate of effectiveness and success, and you can choose the most suitable center or hospital for you, as all of them provide the latest technologies to perform the operation with high efficiency and achieve the highest success rates .
  2. Istanbul has the world’s newest medical equipment , and that’s what made it able to perform many surgical and cosmetic operations, even complex ones, and those that need modern techniques. Istanbul provides all the necessary technology and equipment for any operation and uses the best and newest medical devices, Which ensures a higher success rate.
  3. Istanbul contains many highly qualified and reputable doctors in addition to their vast experience. Doctors in Istanbul are considered among the best, most experienced and caring for patients, They carry out their work carefully with full compliance with all conditions of success, thus ensuring high effectiveness and safety.
  4. Care for patients and care for their health. The doctors in Turkey care to the case of each patient carefully . The doctor begins his work by examining the patient , identifying the problem , and then selecting the best techniques to perform the operation with the highest success rate and minimum side effects with full compliance with sterilization requirements, and it does not end here, Doctors keep monitoring their patients after the operation to ensure that the required results are obtained and the patient recovers and the absence of any side effects or complications, that making patients feel comfortable and satisfied.
  5. The low cost compared to other countries, where Istanbul provides the latest technology and the best doctors at the lowest possible cost, that is what made it a competition for Europe.


What is the best sleeping position after a abdominoplasty?

The correct sleep is an important part in ensuring the success of the abdominoplasty. The best position is to sleep on the back with the upper part of the body slightly raised.


Does abdominoplasty leave scars?

If the operation is performed by a specialized and expert doctor, it will not leave any scars.


Can abdominoplasty correct the hernia?

Yes, if you suffer from a previous hernia, abdominoplasty can correct it.

Thus, we find that abdominoplasty in Istanbul is one of the most effective and safe surgical procedures to remove loose skin and fat, as it is characterized by a high success rate, and most patients are satisfied with it , They get a fine shape and a tight body without making any effort to exercise , so it is became one of the most famous and widespread operations around the world.

abdominoplasty in Istanbul Section 1
abdominoplasty in Istanbul Section 1


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