Abdominoplasty in Istanbul part (3)

Abdominoplasty is an ideal solution to remove sagging and excess skin in the abdomen and to obtain the desired body safely and effectively. Turkey is one of the leading countries in this field and Istanbul has been a destination for many people to perform surgeries in it. Turkey is considered one of the best and most developed countries in surgical and plastic operations in general and in abdominoplasty in particular, Turkey has all the qualifications that make its success.

Before abdominoplasty in Istanbul

• Complete clinical examination and BMI calculation.
• Conducting laboratory tests which have required by the doctor, such as: measuring the level of fats and glucose levels in the blood, measuring the level of thyroxine hormone to ensure that the function of the thyroid gland are good and negation of hormone-level disorders in order to ensure the patient’s health and make sure that he can undergo the operation and get the desired results.
• Having the required weight that qualifies to undergo the procedure is determined by the doctor.
• Stop exercising and hard activities three days before undergoing the operation, to ensure that the operation will be safe and obtains the desired results.
• Be sure to eat a nutritious meal before undergoing the operation.
• Commitment to a special diet determined by the doctor to obtain the appropriate weight that allows you to undergo the operation.
• Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
• Performing an ultrasound of the abdomen.
• Stop the anticoagulant drugs because they lead to bleeding.
• Tell the doctor about your previous surgeries and about the medications you are taking.
• A picture of the abdomen should be taken before and after surgery, for comparison and study of the results.

Abdominoplasty side effects

• Swelling in the abdomen for a temporary period due to the accumulation of serous fluids, placing special tubes may help in suction these fluids.
•Abdominal pain .
• spasm may occur in the abdominal area.
• Poor wound healing.
• Scars.
• Tissue necrosis and inflammation may occur as a result of infection if the doctor does not adhere to the conditions of sterilization.
• Changes in the feeling of the skin.
• Bleeding.
• deep venous thrombosis

After abdominoplasty in Istanbul

1. You must adhere to the healthy lifestyle recommended by the specialist doctor in order to prevent sagging skin again.
2. Following a low-sodium diet , rich in healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, protein-rich foods , also you should drink plenty of fluids, This leads to a rapid return of gut movement and fast recovery.
3. Rest and do not do any activities that require extreme effort.
4. Wearing a special cloth that helps reduce swelling.
5. You can return to work after two weeks.

Does abdominoplasty cause pain?

Like any other surgical procedure, the tummy tuck operation causes some pain as a result of removing the excess skin and tissue and re-suturing the skin again, which leads to a feeling of tightness and difficulty of movement.

Therefore, we find that Istanbul has been a destination for patients from all over the world, where thousands of people come annually to Istanbul for plastic surgeries, especially abdominoplasty, due to the high efficiency in health centers in addition to the low cost.

Abdominoplasty in Istanbul part (3)
Abdominoplasty in Istanbul part (3)


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