Abdominal liposuction Side effects and results


Obesity is a problem for many people, it leads to many health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. In addition, obesity hinders a person’s physical activity . Daily routine activities may become a challenge for those who are overweight. As a result of this obesity damage, people are always trying to get rid of the excess weight .The development of medicine and science in recent years has led to find different solutions to this problem, perhaps the most famous of which is abdominal liposuction


What are the results of laser abdominal liposuction?

• Removing the accumulated fat in the abdominal and obtain a slim body immediately after the operation.
• Skin tightening, which will continue to improve for three to six months after the procedure as collagen is remodeled.


How effective is abdominal liposuction ?

Most patients feel satisfied after performing abdominal liposuction ,They get a tight, perfect abdomen without having to exercise.


What are the side effects of laser abdominal liposuction?

1. A feeling of pain and burning, this is caused by the heat of the laser beams that melt the fat, and it is a temporary feeling that will disappear after a while, and this pain may be prolonged if liposuction is performed over a wide area of the body.
2. The skin may look ripple, due to the disproportionate removal of fat, and this can be avoided when the procedure is performed by a specialist and reputable doctor.
3. The skin may become saggy in some people with low elasticity skin.
4. A stain or a bruise may appear at the place where the suction tube is inserted.
5. Bleeding may occur.
6. Serum liquids may gather under the skin and then they must be suctioned through the needle.
7. Infections of the skin, but they are rare.
8. An infection may occur if the conditions for sterilization are not complied with by the doctor.
9. The internal gut may be pierced in case the suction tube is inserted too deep ,the patient will need an ambulatory surgical intervention.
10. Some of the melted fat may leak into a blood vessel, which can transfer it with the blood to different organs such as the brain or collected in the lungs, the transfer of fat cells to the heart and kidneys may cause disturbances in them.
11. You should expect pain, bruising and swelling after the operation, so the doctor may prescribe you pain killer and antibiotics to prevent infection after the operation.


After abdominal liposuction

• The patient must adhere to the healthy lifestyle recommended by the doctor and follow a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, it is necessary to eat whole grains and other protein-rich foods and reduce sugars and fat-rich food, reduce the calorie intake to 20%. This is to maintain a healthy body and avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen again.
• You may need to wear tight clothes for a few weeks to reduce swelling.
• You can return to work one or two days after the operation.
• Keep the body hydrated by drinking a big amount of water daily.
• Avoid exposure to sunlight and put sunscreen cream.
• Rest and stop exercising for four weeks after the operation.
• Reducing the intake of coffee or tea in the day.
•Do not drink alcohol

What happens if I drink alcohol after abdominal liposuction?

You should avoid drinking alcohol for five days before the operation and five days after it, because alcohol affects the immune system and leads to a decrease in immunity. thus, the risk of bruising increases. Also, alcohol affects the liver, so the liver instead of processing fats, it processes alcohol.

Abdominal liposuction Side effects and results
Abdominal liposuction Side effects and results


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