Abdominal liposuction and its types

Obesity rates have increased in recent years for several reasons such as the increase in the number of fast food restaurants around the world and increase the demand for them, as well as changing working conditions, staff members are spending a lot of time in their offices in front of their computers. Thus, physical activity decreased and the problems of obesity increased. It is known that obesity is associated with many health problems, so doctors have search for a solution to this problem, the most famous of these solutions is abdominal liposuction, as it is considered an effective and safe procedure in removing the accumulated fat in the abdominal and solving the problem of obesity.

Types of abdominal liposuction:

1. Vaser liposuction:

Ultrasound waves from the vaser device (also called a four-dimensional laser) are used to break up the fat cells surrounding the muscles in the abdomen and transfer them from solid form to liquid form to be suctioned through a special tube. Vaser liposuction is highly selective, as it can remove fat even if its amount is small and helps in sculpting the muscles in the abdomen and getting a perfect abdomen without the need for exercise. It is performed under local anesthesia, where a small incision is made then fat cells are targeted, dissolved, then suctioned, and finally the wound is stitched.

2. Tumescent liposuction procedure:

It is very common, as the doctor injects a sterile saline solution with epinephrine into the abdomen, which facilitates the liposuction process and speeds up the healing process, as the subcutaneous layer is filled with this solution until it becomes swollen, The epinephrine causes vasoconstriction , which reduces bleeding. Lidocaine can also be used for local anesthesia, which increases the safety level of this procedure.

3. Laser liposuction:

It is one of the latest, safest and most effective procedures, where the fat cells are dissolved by the heat generated by the laser light to be suctioned later. The laser liposuction can helps in tighten the skin and remove sagging, as the laser stimulates collagen production, so this procedure helps people who have accumulated fat in the abdomen and sagging skin .
Laser liposuction can be performed in different areas of the body where it is not limited to the abdomen, the type of laser device used varies with different areas of laser liposuction,:

• Laser abdominal liposuction :

Where many people suffer from the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, which gives an unwanted appearance and causes a feeling of embarrassment, so people resort to this operation to get rid of this problem and get a tight and perfect abdomen.

• Laser thigh liposuction:

Laser thigh liposuction is performed for people who suffer from asymmetry in the distribution of fat in the body, as it accumulates in special places, such as fat accumulates in the thighs. Patients complain of inconsistent body appearance and feel embarrassed, they resort to this surgery to get a more fit body. This type of laser liposuction is particularly common among women, so they present the largest group of people who undergo this procedure.

• Laser buttock liposuction:

Some women in particular suffer from the accumulation of fat in the buttocks disproportionately with other areas of the body, which gives a disproportionate appearance, a feeling of embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence, so women resort to this procedure to improve their appearance and obtain a more fit body.
There are also other types of this operation, such as laser breast liposuction and liposuction of the upper neck, knees, hips, back, and others.

Abdominal liposuction and its types
Abdominal liposuction and its types

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