Abdominal liposuction and frequently asked questions

Obesity is one of the most prevalent global problems and it has many effects on the life of the individuals . Excess weight leads to an increase the load on the body, especially the joints. In the long term, the person suffers from degeneration in the joints, especially the knee joint, and this limits the person’s freedom of movement and affects on his daily activities, and perhaps one of the most prominent, safest and most effective solutions to get rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen is abdominal liposuction.

What are the advantages and benefits of using laser in abdominal liposuction?


the heat generated by the laser dissolves the fat cells, reduces their number, and breaks down the accumulated fats and turns them into a liquid, which facilitates suction by a special tube inserted through the incision.

Second :

The heat generated by the laser activates the natural healing mechanisms and stimulates the production of collagen, so its secretion increases and becomes more effective, and this is what helps prevent sagging of the skin at the site of the operation. It is known that collagen works to increase the cohesion and tightening of cells in the skin, which last for few months after the operation to finally get tight skin.
This surgery can be used to tighten the skin in sagging areas which do not necessarily require liposuction.

When will the results of laser abdominal liposuction appear?

The laser abdominal liposuction are characterized by the quick appear of the results, as the people who underwent this procedure notice the disappearance of the accumulated fat and obtaining a slim body immediately after the operation.

How many sessions do we need for Laser abdominal liposuction?

We need 3 sessions per week for three to six weeks, the duration of one session is about 45 minutes.

Can abdominal liposuction leave scars?

It can leave small scars, but if the operation is performed by an expert and reputable doctor, it will not leave any scars.

Abdominal liposuction operations in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the best and most advanced countries in surgical and plastic surgery, One of the most famous operations is abdominal liposuction. Turkey has many hospitals in different Turkish cities equipped with the latest medical devices .Hospitals and medical centers are provided with the latest Laser .Turkey has been very successful in performing abdominal Liposuction with minimal side effects and has become a strong competitor for Europe, especially with the low costs of operations in Turkey compared to other countries . It also have a large number of doctors with vast experience and great care of patients, Where each patient is carefully examined, the areas that need liposuction are determined, and the appropriate laser instrument is selected. Thus, Turkey has become a destination for many people who want to undergo surgeries, especially abdominal liposuction.

can you have a session of abdominal liposuction every day?

It is prferable to conduct two sessions per week, but you can undergo three sessions per week where a day must be taken to rest after each session.

Does abdominal liposuction lead to diarrhea?

This surgery can cause a change in the color and texture of the stool, but there is no need to be afraid, because the body is getting rid of the remaining dissolved fat cells .

When can I eat after undergoing abdominal liposuction?

You can eat 3 hours after the surgery to help burn the fat that was released from the fat cells after dissolving them.

Thus, Abdominal liposuction has become popular around the world and has gained great popularity due to its many advantages. It does not require a long recovery period, as the patient can return to work after a day or two after this procedure. It is also characterized by a short recovery period, as it is one of the most effective operations.

Abdominal liposuction and frequently asked questions
Abdominal liposuction and frequently asked questions

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